Mommy's Favorite Things: To Those Who Don't Think a Stay At Home Mom Is A Job:

Tuesday, January 19, 2010

To Those Who Don't Think a Stay At Home Mom Is A Job:

I am a... Chef, Chauffeur, Maid, Nurse, Teacher, Artist, Songwriter, Storyteller, Disciplinarian, Entertainer, Personal Playground, Sounding Board, Therapist, Nightmare Chasing, Boo-boo Kissing, Father, Playmate, Sibling, Friend -I AM A MOTHER.

I do not get breaks.  I do not get to "clock out".  I do not get vacation time or sick days.  I do not get to run into the store real quick.  I do not get to sleep in.  I do not get weekends or nights off.  I do not get a pay check.  I do not get a tax return.  I do not get a thank you or a promotion.  I do not get a twenty minute commute in peace.  I do not get to pee by myself.  

So Please don't insinuate that I do not have a job.  

For those of you that are a stay at home mom, Please comment and let it be known that this is what we do on a DAILY basis!


Konstance said...

AMEN! I had to read it aloud to my husband who didn't have anything to say in return, haha.

Audrey said...

I am 100% with you! I was at home till the youngest started school, then started to drive school bus. Perfect job for a mom - at home when the kids are :)

Unknown said...

Amen sister! I 100% agree with you and if you dont mind i'd love to post this on my blog as well!