Mommy's Favorite Things: November 2009

Monday, November 30, 2009

U*Neaks Review

U*Neaks are COOL shoes!! You buy a pair of shoes and buy some socks when you put them on together you can see the socks right through the see thru window in the shoe! How Cool is that! You can change your show look just by changing your socks!

We got to try out the Pearlized Pink Paris Z-Strap shoe and the Candy Party Ankle Sock 
We really like these shoes. They are a bit big on Avery, but that just means we have growing room and they'll fit her for a while! 

They seem comfortable on her and she likes to wear them around the house saying they're her "Princess Shoes" She's cute! 

We actually also have the Pink/White Boomerang Shoe and the Princess Splatters and Rainbow Flowers socks! We actually won these, but I ordered them big so they'd fit her next summer/fall. And they will! So I have no pictures of those! 

But these shoes are AWESOME! I think It's really neat that you can change the look and you can match your socks with your outfit and have the shoe match as well!!

They also have shoes for boys and I like these Camel Rev's 
How cool are these?

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Angel Tree

I thought I would post this link for anyone who is interested in adopting an angel from the Angel Tree this holiday season. JCPenney is making is easy to adopt a child online and will provide free shipping to the child.

We will be adopting a child or 2 from here this year! I want to do this and Make a child's Christmas!

Saturday 9: Leaving on a Jet Plane

1. When was the last time you jetted away for the holidays? NEVER

2. What is your fondest birthday memory? When I was 10. It was my first Birthday party with Friends. Well it was my last too!

3. What names do you go by? Heather, Honey, Babe

4. What do you look forward to most in the next six weeks? Proposing to Jon

5. Where is your least favorite place to be, and why? Don't have one yet!

6. Have you ever had a scary stalker type? Nope

7. What is your favorite holiday tradition? Haven't really started a tradition yet, as we've only had a few holidays together!
8. What are two activities you do after eating Thanksgiving Dinner? Play Games and Nap!

9. What did your family do for Thanksgiving when you were a kid? Do you still do it? If not explain why. We used to just go to my grandma's and have dinner. We do still do this!

Crayola Review

Thanks to Crayola and My Blog Spark I was able to review 3 of the season's hottest Crayola toys, as well as give one away to YOU!!!

Finally got this to upload

I was able to review the Crayola Beginnings Color Me A Song, Color Explosion Glow Dome, and the Crayola Glow Station. The only one that is appropriate for my daughter's age is the Color Me a Song. However, I also let her play with the Glow Station! 
We haven't opened the Glow Dome Yet. So I don't have a review on that product! My daughter is 2 1/2 and the Glow Dome as well as the Glow Station are meant for 6+! The Color Me a Song is meant for 24months+
Here's Avery playing with the Color me a Song!
This shows the Side tray that stores the crayons!

Fed Ex actually came at 10PM that night and Miss Avery wasn't sleeping yet. So Daddy called her out of her room to open the box! It was fun, but then when it was time for bed again around 11PM she was UPSET!!!!

Here's the Glow Station

As you can see it comes with 2 textured sheets, 2 stencil sheets, and 13 (?) Little animals and shapes that can be traced!!

Overall I really like these products and they are durable! Definitely Will keep up with the Torture Of a Toddler!!

Our favorite and most used is the Color Me a Song! The faster you scribble the faster the music goes. You can also push the instrument buttons at the top to add or take out instruments! Really awesome and fun!!
Since we haven't played with the Glow Dome yet, we don't even have pictures!!

You Might Be a Blogaholic If...

Thanks to Shannon over at The Mommy Files for this post! I had to copy it for you!

- It’s past midnight and you’re still online- GUILTY

- It’s 5:00 a.m. and you’re back online!
- You constantly check your email for any blog related inquiries-YEP

- You check at least twice a day to see how many more followers through Google Friend Connect you have- DEFINITELY

- You have 5 or more posts a day- NOPE!! But I should start!

- You check your Adsense report at least 5 times a day (that’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in between meals)!- YES but Stat Counter instead!

- You’re seriously considering getting a Blackberry/iPhone and Mini Notebook so that you can be constantly connected while on the go (or worse, you already have both).-GUILTY I have a Blackberry

- You operate with 2 or more browsers and as many as 6-8 tabs open in each browser when online- Well 1 browser BUT yes... Always at least 3 tabs!

- You know the UPS/FedEx/USPS man/woman on a first-name basis- YEP and He's cute too!

- Your neighbors wonder if you’re opening a store in your home with as many packages as you receive- Well I do CVSing so I do have a mini store in my home!

- You own a shirt that says “You know I’m gonna blog about this”

- Your readers email you if you don’t post for a day to make sure everything is ok

- You have more friends online than in real life-DEFINITELY I have close to 800 online friends, but only 2 IRL

- You know what Twitter, Technorati, and Google Page Rank are-YES

- You’re constantly thinking, “I am totally gonna blog about this”-YES

- You eat, drink, sleep, blog-GUILTY

- You’re laughing and agreeing with most of what’s on this list!-YEP!!!

Welcome to Blogaholics Anonymous (or not-so-anonymous)!

Thanks Shannon!

Lush Review

Lush is truly AMAZING!!! I've tried a cleanser of theirs before but never anything else! The cleanser was so amazing that I wanted to contact them and see if they'd send me some Holiday Scents to review! THEY DID!!

I received the Snowcake Soap, Fairy Tale Sugar Scrub (used the Be fairy tail) and the Cinders Bath Bomb. Now none of those have pictures and that's why I took some for you!!
Fairy Tale, Cinders, and Snowcake (in that order)
Better view of the Fairy Tale

I've used Snowcake about 4-5 times since receiving it last week. It hasn't even shrunk a little. I can see this soap lasting months if used every day!

Cinders I haven't tried yet, but it smells AMAZING!! Almost smells like there's  a bit of cinnamon in it!
Fairy tale I'm a little sad about. I was only able to use it twice. Maybe I used it wrong hte first time. But I grabbed it and Scrubbed it all over my body and it was almost gone. The tail fell out and we lost an eye. The second day tiw as tiny but JUST enough to get my body washed! I am a little sad about this one because for $4.95 USD and to have it last twice isn't worth it. I don't pay that for my bars of soap that last me weeks if not months!

Overall though I'm very happy with lush Products!! The way you see them pictures above there is how they come in the store. They don't use packaging unless you order online! But in the store they are NAKED!

Nelliebugs Tutu Review

Nelliebugs is a fun and adorable Tutu Shop! You will truly love her shop. She can custom make tutus from Newborn to Adult. She is truly an amazing woman!

I received the Brown and Blue tutu for Avery and I Love it! It's beautifully made, very durable and I can see HOURS of playtime in this tutu. The ribbon on the back is a beautiful accent to the tutu!

Although the Ribbon is Hard to see here in the bottom picture!

I love this tutu. It's very PRETTY and can be used as play around the house or even for a dressier occasion. I like that! 

This shop is Brand new and Never Heard of before! So i'm introducing you to a NEW shop for your little Princesses right before Christmas! Aren't I great??


Wednesday, November 25, 2009

Christmas Pictures!

We took our pictures last night! Here's some of them!


Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Aunt Sadie's Inc Review

Aunt Sadie's  candles truly are the best! These candles have the best smell. They are very strong and potent, and I can't ask for more than that in a candle!

When I walk into someone's house I love to smell a nice candle burning. I love the Smell of Pine in the Winter and Coffee in the summer! Aunt Sadie's is the Place to go for those candles!
Gary from Aunt Sadie's was VERY Kind and sent me the Snowy Tree and the It's a baby candles! I'm burning the Snowy Tree first as winter is approaching and I LOVE it!! I sit by this candle most of the day as my Laptop is on the counter, I don't smell it much, but if I leave the room and come back it's very strong. If I go outside and come back in the house, I can smell it! 
It's very strong and I Like that! I think sitting right by it most of the time though my nose is used to it, until I leave the room and pick up other scents!
Now I'm sounding like a bloodhound!!

The only things I don't like about these candles are 
A. I've been burning this snowy tree for 1 1/2 days straight now and it's 1/4 gone already!! It's not a very long burning candle. 
B. It's a metal wick, back in the day metal wicks had lead in them and obviously lead isn't good for you. I don't know if that's the case anymore, but it still scares me!

Here's some of my favorite scents from Aunt Sadie's
Chocolate- because you can NEVER go wrong with Chocolate
Autumn Foliage 
Vintage Surf 
Some for the Men

Saturday, November 21, 2009

I'm going to ask HIM to MARRY ME!!!

I've finally worked up the nerve to ask Jon to Marry me!! I want to do it on Christmas, but am afraid I won't have the band by then. I wanted to do it on Valentine's day, but don't want to wait that long. So I WILL propose to him WITH A RING on New Year's Eve (at or around Midnight).

I wanted to get him a Titanium band as he has a matching watch that he wears daily and it's impossible to scratch. But They can't be sized smaller and Jon is trying to lose weight right now.  So looks like I'm stuck with Sterling Silver as it's the cheaper version. I'm looking to spend under $125, but Don't even know his ring size! Maybe I'll go into Kay jewelers and have his other ring sized and then maybe I'll buy online CHEAPER! Amazon is cheap!

So I'm going to wrap it in a bigger box and POSSIBLY even ANOTHER bigger box and as he's opening it give a little 15 second speech or so. Then as he's opening the last box I will say

"I want to spend the rest of my life with you. Will you spend a New Year and new beginning with me? Will you Marry me?"


I really think this is going to work. and I really think I can pull this off! I just need to know his Damn Ring Size!!!!! Ughhh.

Once I find out his size (They have a chart right on Amazon) I think I'll buy this ring!

It's just so plain you know? But I guess it is the thought that counts!!!
Luckily he doesn't have a heavy duty job he works in an office so this won't get ruined easily. It is Sterling Silver and is $30!! That I can do!

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Ten On Tuesday!

10 Things You Wish You Knew How To Do

1. Play Guitar
2. Dance
3. Swim
4. Play Piano
5. ART
6. Speak Spanish
7. Crochet and Knit
8. Landscaping- just my own, I stink at it!
9. Make Quiche
10. Can't think of another one!! But will update if/when I do!

Monday, November 16, 2009

Oompa Review

Oompa specializes in Toys and gear. They are an amazing site and Perfect for Christmas coming up!!

We were able to review the Bilibo in green! Avery loves this little thing. She goes crazy with it spinning in circles and sometimes tries to shove our pug into it. It doesn't work but she tries and laughs and gets a kick out of it! Very Funny!!

She has also flipped this over and laid on her tummy, placed this on her back and said she was a turtle. She flips it over on the floor and steps on it as a step stool. She really loves this Toy and I can see her playing with this one for a while yet! She's very inventive and I can see her coming up with a lot for this one! 
Amazing how one little toy can actually be many isn't it? Their imaginations are so big and amazing!

Tuesday, November 10, 2009

Ten On Tuesday!

10 Favorite Movie/Song Remakes

1. Dixie Chick's Version of "Landslide"
2. Hairspray
3. Carrie underwood's Version of "I Told You So"
4. Glee's Version of "Don't Stop Believing"
5. Friday the 13th
6. Texas Chainsaw Massacre (Jessica Biel is AMAZING)
7. The Taking of Pelham 123 (AMAZING)
8. I know the NEW Nightmare on Elm Stree will be great!!
9. The Hills Have Eyes
10. Children of the Corn was pretty good as well!!!

I can't wait for some of the new releases that are remakes. We Love movies and will probably watch most of them!

Sunday, November 8, 2009

7 Hasbro Games for $3.93 TOTAL at Toys R' Us

Now this is a fantastic opportunity to stock your gift closet for the upcoming holidays!

Toys R Us and Hasbro have collaborated to offer over $60 in rebates for many games. According to this post at Coupon Cravings, After rebate, preschool games like Candy Land, Chutes & Ladders, Memory, Hi Ho Cherry-O, Don’t Break the Ice and Ants in the Pants will be just $1.99. You’ll pay $3.99 at Toys R Us, there's a $2 rebate for each of them.

Even better, when you spend $25 on Hasbro games, you’ll get a $10 Toys R Us gift card. Here’s what you could do:

Buy 7 games for $27.93
Apply for $14 in rebates ($2 for each game)
Receive $10 gift card
Spend $3.93 on 7 games!

Quick note that you must purchase only one of each $3.99 game since you may only apply for each rebate once. Also, the themed or character versions of the games are not eligible for this rebate offer.

$100 Children's Clothing Gift Certificate!!

Right Here!!!! Go enter!

Saturday, November 7, 2009

Saturday 9: Be True To Your School

1. What was your favorite subject in high school? Math and Science

2. Do you watch reality shows? Which ones? I watch Jon and Kate Plus 8 and 18 Kids and Counting

3. What's your favorite all time reality show? Jon and Kate Plus 8 I think!!

4. Do you feel "reality" shows are real or are they faked? REAL Most of them anyway!

5. What did you look like when you were a teenager? Like I look now, Since I'm only 19!!

6. Whose advice do you listen to? Nobody's really... I don't trust many people!

7. How often are you sick? I usually get the Flu or at least a SEVERE cold once a year. Not that often!!

8. Do you like or dislike change? DISLIKE. I got that from my mom! I like moving and seeing new scenery. HATE moving furniture or anything else that could bring me a lot of stress. I have an Anxiety disorder so it gets to me!

9. How many times in your life have you had a broken heart? Proud to say Only Once. And I still talk to him once in a while, so it's not so bad!!

ecostore Review

ecostore has all natural and eco-friendly cleaners. They also carry Bath and Body products as well. They have everything from Detergent to Pet Shampoo. Quite a wide array of products!

Lyne was Kind enough to send us 2 products to review... She sent along the Pet Shampoo and the Baby Body Wash.

The Baby Body wash has a Nice smell to it. It's aromatherapy so it's calming. I give my daughter baths at night only so this is perfect for us. It will help calm her down right before bed. It has Lavender and Eucalyptus oils in it! YUMMY!!

The Pet Shampoo also smells very yummy. It has Chamomile and Sage in it! It also has a very calming smell to it!

So I usually give my daughter a bath once a week and she was due today, but my dog wasn't due and I NEVER give them a bath in the same day because it's just a PITB (Pain In The Butt). However, I did today. Avery got her bath first and then our Pug got his bath in her remaining water! Here's a couple pictures of the Pug getting his bath!

Look at that face:) HAHA

Since my daughter has eczema I think this wash will help it. It is meant for sensitive skin. Maybe now she can start getting a bath twice a week. The reason she gets one a week is because of her eczema and not being able to find a product that works. So maybe this one will work! We'll try it!

Doing good by nature
The team at ecostore USA loves making a difference in people’s lives. ecostore USA does not compromise on performance, so customers can be assured of the efficacy of the products - they truly work. We offer more than 100 products, each one meeting the most stringent environmental and sustainability standards. The guiding principle of every formulation is and will always be that the end product must not only be good for the user, but good for the planet.

Strider Running Bike Review and GIVEAWAY

Strider Running Bike is amazing! Ryan was Kind enough to send us the orange Strider bike. Avery loved it! We got it delivered to our door, She was eating breakfast when it came. So I was able to put it together before she even saw it. She IMMEDIATELY jumped on the bike and started to ride. She had difficulty in the house as it was on carpet and was falling often, Well I decided to take her outside with it and she did fantastic, didn't fall once!!!
Please excuse the Fingerprints on my Screen!!!

This is how it came... I had to put on the Handbars, Front Wheel and adjust the Seat height! It was EASY and was put together in about 8 minutes!! 
Yes the Fingerprints are still there....

She really had a lot of fun!!

Here's our video, Sorry it was kind of windy that day, but It gives you an idea of how the Strider works!!


I'm trying to teach her to sit further back on the seat, but Right now if this is how she can ride then I will let her do it this way!! Eventually she'll learn how to ride it correctly and will have a BLAST doing so!!

With the Strider™ running bike, there are no "tricycle tip-overs" or "training-wheel wobbles" to create a fear, hesitancy, or dislike of bike riding.  The Strider™ running bike helps toddlers learn balance and coordination BEFORE pedaling, which develops glittering confidence. So ditch the tricycle and training wheels, and teach your child to ride a bike sooner and safer with a Strider™.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Sock Grams Review

Sock Grams is a company that you definitely want to consider for the Holidays! Here's how it works...
You go to the Website choose which socks you want, 1 pair or 10, to send to the recipient (or yourself), give them the Recipient's address and they will wrap and send them for you. You never have to handle the gift. It's good for a last minute thing when you forgot someone's birthday or you forgot to buy something for them for Christmas. 

That's my 2nd Vlog ever!!! WooHoo! It's not the Best, but it shows you how it comes wrapped.

"Sock Grams was born out of the desire to send a greeting to a loved one, along with a small gift. We often found ourselves wanting to send a greeting card, to celebrate an important milestone our friends and loved ones reached, but we wanted to send a little something more than just a card. We also wanted to ensure the gift would last and, most importantly, be in acknowledgement of something that was important or of interest to the person we were giving it to. Novelty socks, in the myriad of patterns and colors were our answer!!! We found a world of novelty socks that fit all areas of interest, patterns and colors."

So, what does a Sock Gram include? Your personally chosen novelty socks - as many pairs as you'd like to send. One specially chosen greeting card, with a personal message, if you so choose. One .25 fl oz packet of Foot Balm. Your specially wrapped gift with tissue paper inside a durable, waterproof, blue metallic envelope.

Very cool. This is definitely a Company to think about in the future! It's a great Holiday shopping site!!

Thursday, November 5, 2009

My Lip Stuff Review

My Lip Stuff has over 500 flavors of Lip Balm to choose from. WOW! Anything you can imagine they will have it! It's amazing all the flavors they have!!

My Lip Stuff was kind enough to send me a 6 pack sample! AMAZING flavors were included!!

The Flavors I received are Rainbow Sherbet, Lavender, Pancakes and Syrup, Marshmallow Krispies, Candy Cane and Pumpkin Cobbler

These all Natural lip Balms are made of Oils, Beeswax, and Cocoa Butter. They are very soft and smooth!
*Almond Oil is an Ingredient, so if you're allergic to nuts please BEWARE*

I first tried the Pancakes and Syrup... YUM is the only word to describe this!! It's DELICIOUS! It goes on VERY smoothly and Because it's made of oils, it's easy to apply. I like that it's got a glossy look to it so there's no need to apply lip gloss on top of your lip balm. It's got a slight shine to it and I Like that!!

Even after EATING a meal and DRINKING some pop My lips were still smooth and I could still smell the Lip Balm! That's GOOD STUFF!!
Then I tried the Marshmallow Krispies, it is just like Rice Krispie Treats. 

The Pumpkin Cobbler just reminds me of fall. It's almost like a chai tea or something fall-ish. It's Yummy as well!! 

The other 3 I haven't tried yet, But because of my addiction to Lip Balm I will have tried them all by this evening I'm sure!!!!

Sunday, November 1, 2009

11 yr old Gives Birth

November 01, 2009. just learned of a very disturbing story from our pals over at the UK newspaper NEWS OF THE WORLD. In today’s paper they’re reporting on a story about an 11 year old Bulgarian woman giving birth to a child by a 19 year old man.

Here's a piece of the article:

With proud husband Jeliazko Dimitrov, 19, at her side, Kordeza admitted: "It feels strange to be a mum and have a baby.

"I used to play with my toys but now she is my new toy. She is so beautiful, I love her. Violeta is the child and I must grow up. I am not going back to school - I am a mother now."

Kordeza met Jeliazko in the playground of her Roma gypsy school in Sliven, Bulgaria, when he rescued her from bullies.

This story gets even more disturbing. Apparently the 11 year old gave birth ON her wedding day. Here’s how the paper describes it:
She was still wearing her flowing white dress and tiara when she arrived at hospital and gave birth to 5lb 8oz Violeta.

But after spending the night with her newborn, Kordeza - who you can see on video below - changed back into her wedding dress and nipped out to finish the ceremony.

And oh, it gets better. Check out how the girl FOUND OUT she was pregnant:
within a WEEK of them meeting, their daughter was conceived. Kordeza admitted: "I haven't had sex education classes and I didn't know how to get pregnant. I'd never had a boyfriend and I'd never heard of condoms.

"I didn't know I was pregnant until my grandmother saw I had put on weight. I just thought I'd eaten too many burgers."

Well apparently it’s illegal to have sex with a minor in Bulgaria and so hubby may be getting locked up. Here’s what he has to say about it:
"I'm scared. I want to look after my wife and child. Instead I may be going to prison. I made a mistake but I am not going to apologise for that because now I have beautiful Violeta." Raina added: "Everybody seems to be against Kordeza and Jeliazko but what have they done wrong? They are a young couple in love."

This is one of those stories that just sounds so hard to believe.

Here's a Link to the Story so you can see Pictures!!