Mommy's Favorite Things: Lush Review

Saturday, November 28, 2009

Lush Review

Lush is truly AMAZING!!! I've tried a cleanser of theirs before but never anything else! The cleanser was so amazing that I wanted to contact them and see if they'd send me some Holiday Scents to review! THEY DID!!

I received the Snowcake Soap, Fairy Tale Sugar Scrub (used the Be fairy tail) and the Cinders Bath Bomb. Now none of those have pictures and that's why I took some for you!!
Fairy Tale, Cinders, and Snowcake (in that order)
Better view of the Fairy Tale

I've used Snowcake about 4-5 times since receiving it last week. It hasn't even shrunk a little. I can see this soap lasting months if used every day!

Cinders I haven't tried yet, but it smells AMAZING!! Almost smells like there's  a bit of cinnamon in it!
Fairy tale I'm a little sad about. I was only able to use it twice. Maybe I used it wrong hte first time. But I grabbed it and Scrubbed it all over my body and it was almost gone. The tail fell out and we lost an eye. The second day tiw as tiny but JUST enough to get my body washed! I am a little sad about this one because for $4.95 USD and to have it last twice isn't worth it. I don't pay that for my bars of soap that last me weeks if not months!

Overall though I'm very happy with lush Products!! The way you see them pictures above there is how they come in the store. They don't use packaging unless you order online! But in the store they are NAKED!