Mommy's Favorite Things: You Might Be a Blogaholic If...

Saturday, November 28, 2009

You Might Be a Blogaholic If...

Thanks to Shannon over at The Mommy Files for this post! I had to copy it for you!

- It’s past midnight and you’re still online- GUILTY

- It’s 5:00 a.m. and you’re back online!
- You constantly check your email for any blog related inquiries-YEP

- You check at least twice a day to see how many more followers through Google Friend Connect you have- DEFINITELY

- You have 5 or more posts a day- NOPE!! But I should start!

- You check your Adsense report at least 5 times a day (that’s breakfast, lunch, dinner, and in between meals)!- YES but Stat Counter instead!

- You’re seriously considering getting a Blackberry/iPhone and Mini Notebook so that you can be constantly connected while on the go (or worse, you already have both).-GUILTY I have a Blackberry

- You operate with 2 or more browsers and as many as 6-8 tabs open in each browser when online- Well 1 browser BUT yes... Always at least 3 tabs!

- You know the UPS/FedEx/USPS man/woman on a first-name basis- YEP and He's cute too!

- Your neighbors wonder if you’re opening a store in your home with as many packages as you receive- Well I do CVSing so I do have a mini store in my home!

- You own a shirt that says “You know I’m gonna blog about this”

- Your readers email you if you don’t post for a day to make sure everything is ok

- You have more friends online than in real life-DEFINITELY I have close to 800 online friends, but only 2 IRL

- You know what Twitter, Technorati, and Google Page Rank are-YES

- You’re constantly thinking, “I am totally gonna blog about this”-YES

- You eat, drink, sleep, blog-GUILTY

- You’re laughing and agreeing with most of what’s on this list!-YEP!!!

Welcome to Blogaholics Anonymous (or not-so-anonymous)!

Thanks Shannon!