Mommy's Favorite Things: August 2009

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Target $14.20 OOP


First Off I LOVE my Target. I walked up to the register and Said "I have a bunch of the Target Web Coupons, Are they 1 per transaction? If So I'll be here a while." He called the Manager she walked over and Said "As long as they have a valid Date, and Scan we accpet them" I said "Is it 1 per Transaction?" She Said "1 per item, and you can use a Manu with a Target coupon" I already knew that, but I LOVE my Target. So he just started scanning them 1 by 1, and was Real careful about which ones scanned and he pushed through the Buddies and the Gerber ones! I love that it was a great experience and I WILL BE BACK for more Free Stuff. But that's why I bought some clothes because I didn't want them to say I was just trying to get Free Stuff out of it!!
2 $1 section Ribbons $2
Top $2.24 (it's a 4/5 but Fits Avery like a dress, and Will be cute next year with Leggings)
Shorts $2.50
Huggies $10.99  Minus $1.50 Manu, $1.50 target   $7.99
4 Buddies $.97 Minus $3.88 in Target Coupons   FREE
Nuk Bottle $4.49 Minus $3 Manu, $1 Target         $.50
4 Gerber Bottles $3.96 Minus $4 Target Coupons  FREE + $.04 Overage
2 Chef Michaels Dry Dog Food $8.98 Minus $6 Manu, $3 Target  FREE + $.02 Overage
2 Chef Michaels WET Food $1.78 Minus FREE coupons  FREE + $.22 Overage (Rang up the Full $1 coupons!!
TOTAL: $40.82
MINUS All My Coupons
TOTAL OOP: $14.20
$5 of that was Clothes, $8 was Diapers the rest was pretty much tax!!! YAY!
I SAVED $27.38
About 56% off Retail!

Have you Seen This?

Baby Half Off has baby things at 50% OR MORE! It's a great site! Every day there is a new Deal Of the Day. It's always a baby Product and It's always at Least 50% off.

Today's DOTD (Deal Of The Day) is an Earth Mama Angel Baby CD. You choose the One that is right for you and instead of $15, It's just $6.50!

 This one is a Daddy and Everyone Sleep, They also have Help Jump Start Labor, Help Support Postpartum Weight loss, Help Increase Milk Supply, Prepare Siblings for the Arrival of the New Baby. That's just to name a few. They have 10 CD's to Choose From.

So Check out Baby Half Off every day to be sure to get the DOTD!

Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Hip-T Review

The Hip-T is pretty amazing. The Hip-T is designed to cover your plumbers crack, thong and the muffin top. and to help make shorter shirts longer by putting another layer underneath it. It's not Uncomfortable and it doesn't come up too high to feel like a second shirt, It's just a Hip-T and Just sits on the hips.

I have the Solid Black Hip-T and Love it. It goes under any shirt I own. Next I want to get a lace one to help spruce up some plain t-shirts of mine.

I honestly Wear this Hip-T about 4 days a week. Love everything about it, and now when I bend over to pick up my 2 yr old daughter I don't feel like people are staring at my Plumber's crack!

The Hip-T comes in a variety of colors, lace, or even the zebra print. The sizes are great too - anything from XXS, fitting a 10 year old to 3XL. It fits comfortably over the top of your pants and gives you the look that you have a cute shirt underneath.

Tuesday, August 4, 2009

We've hit a Milestone!!

Avery's always been afraid of water. Hates Pools, Baths (Reason she only gets 1-2 a week, and her eczema) sprinklers EVERYTHING. Well Today I put the Sprinklers on, We set them at 30 minutes ALWAYS. So I decide to give it a try. We go outside and She has a Blast playing in that water. I've never seen her so happy before. She actually got over her fear or water in her face.

I had that fear until THIS YEAR. I was never able to wash my face in the shower. I would shower and then get out and wash it in the sink. Fear of water in my face! I'm so glad she got over it. Then She took a bath and She learned to Tilt her head back. I'm so proud of her today!! My Baby Girl Is Growing up!!

She Kept running in it Saying "Whoo Wee, That's Cold" as She was running back out! Too Cute!

Pics Of Avery Sprinkler Playing!!