Mommy's Favorite Things: Have you Seen This?

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Have you Seen This?

Baby Half Off has baby things at 50% OR MORE! It's a great site! Every day there is a new Deal Of the Day. It's always a baby Product and It's always at Least 50% off.

Today's DOTD (Deal Of The Day) is an Earth Mama Angel Baby CD. You choose the One that is right for you and instead of $15, It's just $6.50!

 This one is a Daddy and Everyone Sleep, They also have Help Jump Start Labor, Help Support Postpartum Weight loss, Help Increase Milk Supply, Prepare Siblings for the Arrival of the New Baby. That's just to name a few. They have 10 CD's to Choose From.

So Check out Baby Half Off every day to be sure to get the DOTD!