Mommy's Favorite Things: Target $14.20 OOP

Thursday, August 27, 2009

Target $14.20 OOP


First Off I LOVE my Target. I walked up to the register and Said "I have a bunch of the Target Web Coupons, Are they 1 per transaction? If So I'll be here a while." He called the Manager she walked over and Said "As long as they have a valid Date, and Scan we accpet them" I said "Is it 1 per Transaction?" She Said "1 per item, and you can use a Manu with a Target coupon" I already knew that, but I LOVE my Target. So he just started scanning them 1 by 1, and was Real careful about which ones scanned and he pushed through the Buddies and the Gerber ones! I love that it was a great experience and I WILL BE BACK for more Free Stuff. But that's why I bought some clothes because I didn't want them to say I was just trying to get Free Stuff out of it!!
2 $1 section Ribbons $2
Top $2.24 (it's a 4/5 but Fits Avery like a dress, and Will be cute next year with Leggings)
Shorts $2.50
Huggies $10.99  Minus $1.50 Manu, $1.50 target   $7.99
4 Buddies $.97 Minus $3.88 in Target Coupons   FREE
Nuk Bottle $4.49 Minus $3 Manu, $1 Target         $.50
4 Gerber Bottles $3.96 Minus $4 Target Coupons  FREE + $.04 Overage
2 Chef Michaels Dry Dog Food $8.98 Minus $6 Manu, $3 Target  FREE + $.02 Overage
2 Chef Michaels WET Food $1.78 Minus FREE coupons  FREE + $.22 Overage (Rang up the Full $1 coupons!!
TOTAL: $40.82
MINUS All My Coupons
TOTAL OOP: $14.20
$5 of that was Clothes, $8 was Diapers the rest was pretty much tax!!! YAY!
I SAVED $27.38
About 56% off Retail!