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Rainy Day Activities using your Home Printer

Surprisingly enough, an inkjet printer can be a godsend for parents on a rainy day or during inclement weather. These printers make use of liquid ink to form images and text on paper. But you can use your at-home printer to keep your kids busy and engaged in creative projects.

Coloring Pages
Home printers are perfect for printing out coloring pages from the Internet. All you need to do is download these freely available pages and print them out. You can check out your kids’ favorite television station online, and the official website of children’s movies and television programs to get free coloring pages to keep your kids busy and entertained.

This is another activity that can keep kids and adults busy for hours. You can easily print out different scrapbook materials from the convenience of your printer. You can check the websites of printer manufacturers, such as Epson, Hewlett Packard and Canon, for printable scrapbook paper and kits. Keep these handy, so that your kids can create different themes of scrapbook using the printer.

You can easily download free origami patterns from the Internet along with the directions. Kids will love to fold paper and make animals, birds and other creatures and objects. Unlike other origami, using colorful Epson ink will allow you to print in colorand colorful designs so that your kids have colorful patterns to work with. The process of folding a multi-colored design and watching it take a unique shape can be very exciting for children. The art also helps to develop gross motor skills in younger children.

Instead of spending money on buying ready-made cards, use your Inkjet cartridges to print card patterns and layouts. You can easily download them for free on many websites dedicated to cards, or you can opt for low-cost patterns. If you like, you can even be creative and make your own images on your computer and then print them out. Make sure you used labeled cards while printing to preventing streaking and smearing. Get your kids to make cards for their grandparents, cousins, friends and other loved ones. This can save you quite a bit during the holiday season, birthdays and anniversaries, and your kids will enjoy the DIY home printer project.

Building Three Dimensional Objects
You can use your printer to print out patterns to build 3-D objects, like buildings, party favors, toys, holiday decorations, boxes and vehicles. For this craft, you will need thick inkjet printer paper, which can be folded and made into three-dimensional objects.

Iron Ons
Get some iron on inkjet printer sheets that will let you print photographs, images, designs and text using the Epson inkjet cartridges. Once you have printed out the sheets, you can transfer the image, design or text onto T-shirts using a hot iron. Be sure to supervise your kids when they are near the iron. This craft may take a little bit of practice, so don’t let your kids get despondent if their first attempt fails.

FREE Kindle eBooks

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High Rated Kindle eBooks

The Golden Girls- Thank you for being a Friend

One of the most famous opening lyrics for a television show theme song has got to be:  "Thank you for being a friend!"  When you hear it, you immediately think of the faces of four of the most witty and charismatic women in television history: The Golden Girls!
Despite your best intentions, you’re completely addicted to this award-winning television sitcom about a group of older women who all live together under one roof in Miami, Florida.  Created by Susan Harris in 1985, The Golden Girls ended in 1992 but has stood the test of time when it comes to classic comedy.
These living works of fiction all have a place in every Golden fan's heart!  These ladies also make senior in home care even more enjoyable since you can watch them every day from the comfort of your home.

Who Are These Women Made of Gold?
If you’re in need of a refresher about The Golden Girls television show, let’s play catch up.  The Golden Girls stars Bea Arthur, Betty White, Rue McClanahan, and Estelle Getty.
Dorothy Zbornak, played by Bea Arthur, was a Brooklyn-born substitute teacher.  Dorothy became pregnant in high school and chose to marry Stanley Zbornak, played by Herbert Edelman.  The couple divorced after thirty-eight years of marriage because Stan’s hungry eyes feasted upon a younger woman.  Among Dorothy’s most memorable threats to shout at her mother Sophia Petrillo was, “Shady Pines, Ma!
Rose Nylund, played by Betty White, took pride in the retelling of stories about her hometown of St. Olaf, Minnesota.  Rose was married to Charlie Nylund, the loving father of her five children, until his death.  She moved to Miami to become a grief counselor.  Rose was named St. Olaf’s Woman of the Year in 1988 and was once married to a former mafia member.
Blanche Devereaux, played by Rue McClanahan, was a Southern belle born with a silver spoon in her mouth in Atlanta, Georgia and was the youngest Golden Girl.  Blanche had six children and was widowed to George Devereaux.  She had a voracious appetite for male courtship, and was considered the most glamorous household member on the series.
Sophia Petrillo, played by the incomparable Estelle Getty, brought the heart and the soul of the The Golden Girls together with her biting wit, seasoned vet charm, and loud ranting. Proud of her Sicilian heritage, Sophia lived her life based on the principles of her past. She was married twice, had three children (one of whom is our beloved Dorothy Zbornak). Not too big a fan of senior in home care, Sophia lived her life as independently as possible… under the guidance of Dorothy, of course!

Fun Facts About America’s Golden Ladies
Listed below are a few industry facts for you television entertainment buffs:
  • 65 Emmy Nominations and 11 Emmy Awards – Arthur, White, McClanahan, and Getty all won Emmy’s for their performances on the hit show.  On two occasions, the show also won a PrimeTime Emmy Award for Outstanding Comedy Series.
  •  4 Golden Globe Awards – The series was awarded three Golden Globe Awards for Best Television Series – Musical or Comedy.
  • 2 Viewers for Quality Television Awards
  • In addition to achieving success on an award-winning television sitcom, all four the lead actresses were named Disney Legends, a program established by The Walt Disney Company.

You can
continue to enjoy senior in home care by keeping your local television channel tuned in to reruns of The Golden Girls.  Enjoy the zany antics of Sophia, the bare knuckles truth telling of Dorothy, the ravishing and vivacious Blanche, and the super wacky Rose while at home!

Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Furnishing Trends for 2013

Although most people can’t totally remodel with each changing year, making at least a few changes is a simple way to keep up with furniture and design trends. Whether you live in steamy Fort Lauderdale or in a farming community in Idaho, 2013 will have something different to offer for every taste and budget. Keep in mind that you may need to briefly place some of your belongings in temporarystorage while you make the changes.
From Paint to Patterns
Painting is how to get the biggest bang for your buck. The color for this year is yellow. If you don’t like yellow you should go with a neutral color. The most popular color for furniture is black .
Handcrafted items with lots of interesting details and texture can make your home feel comfortable and warm. These items can easily be mixed with modern and contemporary furnishings. Eclectic decorating is the norm for most people nowadays. So when you purchase household items for 2013 choose things that are detailed or interesting in some way.
Use mixes of woods as well as different prints and patterns. This adds interest and style. It creates a sense of relaxation. But be careful not to overfill your space. One of the trends for this year is a simplified and ‘de-cluttered’ look.
Saving Space
New trends in furniture are space-saving solutions. For instance, hide-away Murphy beds are an extremely popular option. Many people are adding these in home offices. Work stations are built around the bed units. This allows the room to function as both a home office and a guest room.

Servers and Sideboards
Similar to the concept of portable kitchen islands, servers and sideboards add usable space for serving food and drinks. This makes it more convenient when entertaining. Guests and hosts alike appreciate the easy access, which means fewer trips to the kitchen are needed.

Comfort Combined With Function
People value their time at home. They want a relaxed and comfortable environment to come home to. With that, the popularity of sectional sofas has soared. These pieces can be arranged to suit the owner. They look great and they are comfortable.
Various types of accent tables are trendy pieces of furniture that can add design and function to a room. They can be strategically placed for anything from displaying decorative items to being used for working on craft projects.
More and more people work from home and even those that don’t enjoy time using the computer at home. This has resulted in a huge demand for stylish desks. The year 2013 just may become known as the year of the desk. You can find every style and design imaginable. Home offices are well designed rooms that can easily be coordinated with the rest of the home interior.
No matter what kind of budget you are working with, there are some ways you can update your home to make it more stylish and comfortable. Even a few new pieces of furniture can make your space feel fresh and more comfortable.

Why do we have Nightmares?

I had a nightmare last night. 
When I woke up my heart was pounding and I could feel the adrenaline running through my body. 

I do not wish this type of nightmare on anyone, even my worst enemy. I wish nobody ever experiences what I had a nightmare about last night. 
It was about one of my children and I couldn't wake up from it until it was over. I wish I could unsee what I did in that dream last night. 

So why do we nightmare? I have no idea at all really. It was just terrible, terrible, terrible! I can't even remember my last nightmare and I know it wasn't about one of my children. 
This was a very graphic nightmare and I wish I could go back to sleep last night and dream it all away!

Do you have nightmares? How often?

Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Harman Pellet Stoves

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Harman Stoves for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.
Pellet Stoves are Awesome
Have you ever heard of a stove that uses alternate resources? Harman Pellet Stoves is one of these brands. They make stoves that use Pellets or Coal fueled. They also make the tradition woodburning stoves as well. All of these are great and they help reduce your carbon footprint. They don't put harmful chemicals into the atmosphere either.
Some may ask what a Pellet Burning Stove is. It's very simple really. A pellet burning stove is one that uses compressed wood OR biomass pellets. They are environmental friendly and are a popular heating alternative and great for heating your home.
These stoves are a lot cheaper to run than your furnace and are healthier for you as well. Plus you get that wonderful burning wood smell in your house which just makes it feel like you're one with  nature. I love the smell of burning wood!
I would love to own a Harman Pellet Stove in my home to give me an alternative heating source.
You can also get a tax credit for buying a qualifying biomass-burning stove. It's 10% for up to $300!
You can enter now to win a Harman Notebook. Please comment below and let me know why you like Harman? You can also follow Harman on FB, Twitter and Pinterest.
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Beef Asparagus Lo Mein

Here is a yummy recipe for Beef Asparagus Lo Mein. I whipped this up tonight and it's so YUMMY!!!

1 Beef top sirloin steak (1 pound). thinly sliced
2 tbsp olive oil
1 pound fresh asparagus, trimmed and cut into bite sized pieces
1/4 tsp minced garlic
2 1/4 cups water, divided into 1/4c and 2c
2 packages beef ramen noodles
2/3 cup hoisin sauce (This has a bit of a kick to it, so if you or your kids don't like a kick, substitute a bit of soy sauce instead of some of this sauce.)

In a large skillet or wok, stir fry beef in oil for 5 minutes or until no longer pink.
Add the asparagus and garlic; stir fry for 2 minutes or until asparagus is crisp tender.

In a bowl, combine 1/4 cup water and 1/2 tsp seasoning from one ramen noodle seasoning packer, stir until dissolved. Add hoisin sauce; stir into the beef mixture. Bring to a boil; cook and stir for 2 minutes or until thickened.

In a large pot, bring remaining water to a boil; add ramen noodles and contents of second seasoning packet. Cook for 3 minutes. Remove from the heat; cover and let stand until noodles are tender (about 2-3 more minutes). Serve with beef mixture.

A Great Gadget for Mom

Moms have lots going on, and they would appreciate anything that offers a little help. They do everything possible to keep their home in tip-top shape, and keep an eye on their kids. Most moms now use smartphones, and to make her life easier, consider gifting her a smartphone app.
Home security apps are an attractive option to present moms, as they have a lot of features she would adore. At first, they were used to activate sirens when someone entered the house, but with new developments, they also connect with police stations. This means the police will be automatically informed if anything goes wrong. There are many security apps available such as Vivint.
Using apps like Vivint gives complete control over home security. Here are some reasons why moms would adore a security app:

1. 24 hour access
Whether she’s at the grocery store, or at a tea party, she can keep an eye on the present condition of her house. She just needs an active connection, which is available in most locations now, to see how her home is doing while she’s away. Mobile carrier’s internet connection can also be used if there’s no Wi-Fi available nearby.

2. Wireless use
Moms would appreciate that there are no wires involved. Wireless use is a huge facility provided by smartphone apps, and until the battery of the device goes down, she would be holding a home security system in her hands all the time. Controlling the system and making changes would be a piece of cake and will only require fingertips.

3. External monitoring
Whether she’s in the kitchen trying out a new recipe, watching T.V or resting on the sofa, she would know what’s going on outside the house. Moms often check for suspicious activities around their homes, and a smartphone home security app would make it convenient for them.

4. Peace of mind
Perhaps, the biggest reason moms would love a smartphone security app is the peace of mind she would be able to attain. She won’t have to worry if she left the kids at home as she can see what’s going on through the app. The apps also have an option to turn on notifications, which automatically inform if there’s any activity.
The reasons make it clear why smartphone apps would be a great pick for moms, making their lives less hectic and giving them a piece of mind.

Staples Review

There are certain things that everyone likes to get from stores like Staples. I tend to go there for my computer paper, printer ink, and sticky labels for my Scentsy Business. But things I've never really thought to go there for are things like electronics. I know they carry them, but I've usually just gone to other stores for them. 
But recently I had the opportunity to give them a try for their electronics. I received the Google Nexus 7 in a 32gb. 

Monday, January 28, 2013

Creative Bioscience Post 3 AND Giveaway

Well, I am back for my last post of this part of my weight loss journey. I definitely think the African Mango Lean made a difference. I think if I would have been more vigilant in my efforts, I would have lost a lot more. Unfortunately, I let all of my diet plans go during the holidays and I am just now getting back into them. I have a goal to loose 15 pounds overall and I have lost 6.5 with African Mango Lean. I know that I could have lost more if I would have been more disciplined. I also know that 6.5 pounds lost is still something and I am happy for that. I would recommend African Mango Lean to anyone with a small amount of weight to lose or even just to a mom or otherwise busy person who wants an energy boost and a little bit of a curbed appetite. I also recommend using a fitness tracker like Myfitnesspal (it's free!!) to help you see where you need to make changes in your eating and exercise routines. I think these two things combined would help anybody have a great success in their weight loss journey. I have 7.5 more pounds go and my goal is to get there by April. I know I can do it. Thanks for reading about my 90 day journey with African Mango Lean!
Want to try it for yourself? One lucky winner will receive their own 90 Day Supply of African Mango Lean. Enter via the Rafflecopter Below for your chance to win!
a Rafflecopter giveaway
*Disclosure- I received the above mentioned product for free in exchange for my honest review. All opinions stated are 100% my own.

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Bubysums Review & Giveaway

At Emerson's age babies begin needing shoes more and more. Right when they start walking they do. 
Although it's winter time, Emerson is still walking a lot inside the house (all the time actually) and he needs some grip to his feet since he walks in our kitchen and our entry way where it's wood flooring. He needs some gripper so he doesn't slip and fall more than he already does since he just learned how to walk. 

But shoes can be uncomfortable in the house. Some aren't so bad, but some are tight and ill fitting. Bubysums is the best of all worlds. It's a sock, with a shoe like bottom. So it's nice and comfy on babies feet, but still has a grippier material on the bottom and still has a bit more protection than a sock. 

Friday, January 25, 2013

How the Eye Works

The Production Line of Sight (Infographic) Zenni Optical
Presented By Zenni optical Eyeglasses Online

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La Bella Box Review

I love getting the chance to try out new things. I love having this blog so that I get that chance and so I can share all these wonderful products with my readers. 
I have done quite a few subscription boxes in the past, but this one is a bit different. I've done food, I've done baby and I've even done mom & baby. But I've never done one specifically tailored toward women. 

That's where the La Bella Box comes in. I received the December box and it's just lovely!

Beauty Schools

Did you know that beauty schools are a great way to get the pampering you love, done for much much cheaper?
I have been to a beauty school twice now. The first time I was in IN and was visiting my blog friend from Mama's Baby Cupcakes and she decided we could go get pedicures together.
$10 later and I had a nice pedicure AND a free bottle of OPI nail polish.

The second time was just on the 11th, my wedding day. Jon had looked around at some places to get hair and makeup done. The one he was looking at was about $85 for both to be done (without a tip). Then I remembered we had a beauty school here nearby. I looked on their site and for $40 (including tip) I had my makeup done and a nice updo! So I paid just about 40% of what he would've had me pay for these services.

I was extremely happy with my services at BOTH campuses. They are both schools so the manager (teacher) needs to check their work and make sure it's done well, but they are very friendly, the ones I went to were very clean and the services were stellar. Really couldn't ask for anything better from going to a beauty school. And everything is way cheaper.

If you're looking for a beauty school to attend for things from updo, haircut, color to manicures, pedicures and waxing then check out this list of beauty schools in Utah. You might be surprised on what you find.

Tuesday, January 22, 2013

What's that Smell?

Um yeah! That's what our weekend consisted of.

So we built a desk/bookshelf for our bedroom this weekend. Jon had a large desk in there and there was no storage attached to it and it was just big and gaudy. It was meant to be a corner desk, but we had it in the middle of the wall, so it stuck out on the edges too and took up far more space than it should have. So we set out to build some storage bookshelves and add a desk to it too.

Then Jon went to go stain it. He stained it inside, in our bedroom. The smell was pretty horrid, but we figured it would fade away (it has, by the way). However, I turned on the dryer to, obviously, dry our clothes and we smelled this gas smell. Like Kerosene. It was coming from the laundry room, we thought the dryer was going...

We did some googling and sure enough, if you stain or paint inside the house and then run your dryer or other electric item, it WILL smell like kerosene. The fumes hit the heating element and put off that smell.
The smell can last weeks AND it will make your clothes smell like gas too. ICK

So word to the wise, DON'T STAIN INSIDE YOUR HOME!

Twirly Girl Review

I have come across this wonderful shop, Twirly Girl, in the past and have marveled over their wonderful dresses for girls! 
All their dresses are Twirly and are great for dancing in!

Avery received the Spinderella Long Sleeve Dress along with matching leggings for review.
They came wrapped in this adorable lace material!

Monday, January 21, 2013

More Freedom, Take Avantage

If you look around, you’ll find that technology has had a huge impact on our lifestyle. It has not only made our lives easier, but also more fun and enjoyable.  From having a video chat with your loved ones on an iPad, to checking the weather on your smartphone - it’s all a reality.
The 21st century is technology driven, and there’s no doubt about that. It has evolved over the years and is helping us meet our simple and complex needs easily. In the following article we look into a few ways that technology is adding more ease to our day-to-day lives.

1. Loads of Entertainment at Your Fingertips
In the olden days, the only choice you had when buying a music album was to visit your nearest music store. And when it came to movies, you had to hit a store like Hollywood Breeze to rent the latest movie.

However, thanks to today’s technology, you have easy access to entertainment. You can download music on the go using iTunes and watch your favorite tv shows like The Office, Mad Men and Breaking Bad onNetflix. It's really fascinating that you get to do all of this without leaving your couch!

2. Online Shopping Like Never Before
You no longer have to worry about missing the sale that’s going on on the other side of  town. With the power of the Internet, you can browse websites such as and to do all of the shopping you need.

The best part about the online shopping experience is that it’s not limited. You can shop for shoes while you’re shopping for books.  And you can buy groceries and personalized jewelry at the same time. There’s nothing like indulging in shopping from the comfort of your home, right on your laptop.

3. Restaurant Food Delivery the Smart Way
Getting  food on the table without having to actually visit a restaurant is awesome. And most restaurants know that, which is why they are making it easier via technology. Web services such as GrubHub  help people  go through all the nice restaurants near your area that offer delivery.

There are other services that are similar to GrubHub, such as Foodler, Seamless, etc. The good thing about using these online services is that it helps you find the right restaurant in a short amount of time. You can categorize  restaurants according to rating, price, food type, etc, which makes it uber-simple to find a  good restaurant  nearby.

The day isn’t far when technology will positively dominate every single area of our lives.

Let Me Raise My OWN Children!

I raise my children with a very laid back approach. 
I let them explore and do things their own way. I don't helicopter over them very much. I let them learn their own things. 

If we're at the park and you see my daughter struggling to do something and you run up to help her, you WILL get an earful from me. 

My daughter is at the park to LEARN. She's there to learn how to climb and how to slide and how to make friends and learn teamwork. She's there to explore her environment. If she asks for help to climb a ladder, you will hear me say to her "figure it out" or "find another way". 
I am not one of those parents who will run up to help my child do it. 

Granted this starts at a certain age. If my 1 year old were at the park, he wouldn't be allowed near a ladder, but I follow the same thing with him. You WILL find my son eating dirt and wood chips. It's his natural way of exploring. 

So PLEASE if you see my children doing something you wouldn't let your child do, it doesn't mean I WANT or NEED your input. I know what they're doing at all times and if I'm not with them, it's because I want them to learn on their own.

What Should I get my Husband for Valentine's?

Valentine’s Day is often focused on the man romancing the woman in his life. Her gift to him is often overlooked by the commercial hoopla of this holiday. This may leave you wondering what you should get him for Valentine’s Day. After all, he deserves a token of your love as well. Luckily, guys are typically pretty easy to buy for, and there are plenty of ways you can impress him this Valentine’s Day.

Sports Memorabilia
Guys love sports. It’s an innate trait that courses through their veins from a young age. They grow up loving a certain sport, choose a team to support and stay loyal to that team for years to come. Chances are, he’s worn out some of his memorabilia, and it’s time for a fresh look. Find a brand new jersey of his favorite sports team. His is likely stained with nacho cheese sauce and needs a replacement.

Cool Kitchen Gadgets
No matter how old he gets, every guy loves his toys. Although he’s probably outgrown his Hot Wheels and action figures, that little boy inside of him still loves the idea of a new toy to play with. Get a cool new gadget for the kitchen and watch him gleam with joy this Valentine’s Day. A new coffee maker is a great kitchen gadget that never goes out of style. Get him an even better version of what he has now and he’ll love it and you.

Display Cases
Many men wear nice watches like women wear nice jewelry. It shows sophistication and is to be brought out on special occasions. But what does he do with those watches in between nice evening out on the town? Watch display boxes are a great way for him to show off all his watches and keep them clean and safe when he’s not wearing it. You can even do one better and buy him a new, nice watch to go inside one of the nice displace cases.

The man in your life probably isn’t looking for an over-the-top romantic gesture. In fact, he’s probably not expecting you to get him anything at all. So, he’ll appreciate the fact that you went out of your way to get him something special this Valentine’s Day. Don’t stress about the gift. He’ll simply love that you took the time to think of a way to express just how much you love him.

Top Time Saving Tips for Busy Professionals

As a nation we’re working longer and harder to ensure that we get ahead. With unemployment and redundancy rife, and working hours and wages being cut, it’s natural that we’re striving to put our best foot forward in the work place.

The good news is that hard work usually pays off in the end. Whether you’re working to give yourself the best possible job security, or are aiming for an eventual promotion, getting yourself noticed for all the right reasons is a wise career move. However, working long and hard to get ahead can leave little time for anything else.

Social lives, relaxation time and catching up on the household chores can all fall by the wayside when working long hours at work. It’s vital for overall health and enjoyment of life however to try to maintain a reasonable work life balance.
Streamline your life as much as possible by following these tips, and use the time saved to refresh and recharge ready for the busy working week ahead:

Do Your Shopping Online
Online grocery shopping can save so much time, as it’s quick and easy to do and you can have your shopping delivered directly to your door.
Shop online whenever and wherever is convenient to you. An online supermarket is open 24/7 and you can even do your shopping on the go with the handy new ASDA app for iPhone or Android.
The favourites function means that you can do your usual shop in mere minutes. And even if you’re new to online shopping you can input details from your in-store receipt to your favourites easily.

If you’re struggling to keep on top of all that you need to get done in the home, have a think about where you can delegate tasks out. Whether you have a partner, a housemate, children or live with family members, make sure that each person in the household is pulling their weight.

Busy households may find that employing the services of a cleaner, gardener or handyman can take some of the pressure off. This can be surprisingly affordable, particularly if you share the cost with housemates. Hiring a cleaner for a couple of hours a week should cost around £20 and can be enough to keep the basics covered and things ticking over nicely.

Likewise, if you’re constantly berating yourself for not having time to get out in the garden or put up those shelves, hiring the services of a professional for an hour or two can lift that weight from your mind without breaking the bank.

Get Organized
If you can’t afford to, or would prefer not to, employ outside help, getting as organised as possible can streamline the amount of time that you need to spend keeping on top of the household essentials. Try the Flylady website for inspiration and motivation, as well as helpful organisation tools for a little and often approach.

By taking steps to cut the time you spend on chores, you’ll free up your precious moments of free time for relaxation or socialising with friends. After all, while it’s understandable that you want to knuckle down at work in the current climate, all work and no play really does make for a very dull existence.

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FREE Kindle eBooks

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I make my own Peanut Butter, do you?

My friend actually introduced me to making my own peanut butter, when she told me how easy it was, I was shocked and a little mad at myself for not already making it!

Do you want to see how I do it???

Honey Roasted Peanuts
Peanut Oil

THAT'S IT! You can use the oil of your choice though, but peanut oil is obviously delicious!

I use my magic bullet type blender and I grind up the peanuts with it first. Then I add oil and just blend it together, then pour it into my large mason jar and store in fridge. It is really THAT easy!

Saturday, January 19, 2013

Why Used is Better!

New, contrary to popular belief, is not automatically and always better. Sure there are some things that you don’t want to buy used. Old or used food, for example, would be a bad idea. Baby equipment like cribs and car seats are best bought new. Tires should always be bought new. For the most part, though, things can be bought used. Used merchandise is often even better than brand new.

Depending on what you really need, a used car is often just as good if not a better purchase than a brand new car. Unless you need something extremely fuel efficient for lots of long road trips, a used car should—if you do your research right—get you around town just fine. In fact, it is possible to buy really great cars that feel like new even though they are used (like those featured at because there are some people who will simply trade in a current model as soon as a new model comes out. You get a barely used car and save thousands of dollars. What a win!

Electronics and Appliances
The lure of a brand new shiny flat screen television set is a hard one to resist. This is something that everybody understands. Television sets, speakers and even computers can be bought used for a fraction of the cost and will often perform just as well as their newer, shinier models. Buying used saves you sometimes hundreds of dollars and is better for the environment.
In terms of appliances, used is often better because older models are sturdier and easier to fix than their newer versions. You can simply replace the parts that need replacing (coils, etc) instead of having to go out and buy an entirely new appliance, which also saves you money over the long term.

Used clothing is a godsend to people on a budget. You buy it in thrift shops, from garage and yard sales, etc for pennies on the dollar. If it fits well you simply wash it really well and then wear it the same way that you would if you had bought it brand new. If it doesn’t fit quite right you can easily alter it so that it does. If you know how to sew, you can also save a ton of money by buying up used clothing and then using the fabric to make something completely new.

House wares
Why spend a bunch of money on a brand new set of dishes or cookware when you can go to a thrift store and find perfectly usable pieces at super cheap prices. You could outfit your entire kitchen for the same price as one brand new set of dishes and cooking pan. Used dishes are also great for art projects and can easily be repurposed into things like planters for flowers, pencil and pen cups, paper weights, decorations, etc. The only limit to their use is your own imagination.
There are lots of different things that are better to buy used. These are just a few of the major areas in which you can save tons of money and get, ultimately, superior results.

Wedding Pictures!

Avery and I in the prep room!

Jon and Emerson

National Popcorn Day: What's your Favorite?

Today is right up my alley!! January 19th is National Popcorn Day!!
Popcorn is my all time favorite snack. I could eat it daily (actually I pretty much do). 

My favorite kind is Kettle, but good ole Movie Theater Butter is wonderful too. That's what I eat most of the time at home anyway! Then there's Cheese YUM Cheese!

Did you know that you can usually walk right into a movie theater and buy JUST the popcorn without watching a movie? I've done this a couple times in the past because that popcorn is!

I love popcorn, do you? Today is your excuse to splurge a little and eat some. 

Zuo Modern Review

Our style here in our home isn't really modern. I guess it's contemporary. It's not antique or classic, but not totally modern. I don't know that I would like my entire house in a modern design, but I do like the look of modern furniture. 

I came across Zuo Modern and fell in love with most of their items. Some are REALLY modern and some are a mix of modern and contemporary. I was given the opportunity to choose a children's item of my choice. 
I chose the Phante Chair. I wanted it in Green. Their only options were Green or Pink, so I chose green. When I got my shipping notification I was shocked to see it said Black. I didn't know if I'd like it, but black does coordinate with everything so...

Friday, January 18, 2013

Resolution for the Year!

As the new year begins, so can a new chapter of your life. Here is a chance to better yourself. No matter what you did or didn’t do last year, you can fix it and make this year better. This can be the year that you can change the lives of both yourself and others. No matter how big or small your acts of kindness, they will not go unnoticed.

Sending Flowers at the Office 
Everyone likes to know that is someone is thinking of them. It is a way to make them feel special, even for a moment. When working in an office, many big life events can go unnoticed. There are many different things that your coworkers may be dealing with in their personal lives. Some may be experiencing exciting news such as a promotion or a new addition to their family, while others may be dealing with the loss of a loved one. Sending flowers can be great way to say “ Congratulations” or “ I am sorry for your loss". Places like Pro Plants make this even easier on you by doing most of the work for you.

Mowing the Neighbor's Lawn
As the summer begins, outside chores seem to pile up. For some individuals, it can be difficult to complete outdoor work as well as juggle a full time job. This year, go that extra mile for a neighbor, friend or complete stranger. When you go to mow your lawn, volunteer to help out a neighbor close by. Going this little extra can be a great help to an elderly man or single mother across the street.

Paying it Backward 
As life goes by, we get set in a routine. Often forgetting that there are other people trying to get by as well. Try and find new ways to shock those around you with your acts of kindness. Start doing something nice for the person behind you. For example, pay for the coffee for the person following you in line at the coffee shop. This is not something you see everyday. Who knows, maybe you will inspire someone there to start doing acts of kindness as well.
This year, look for someone to help everywhere you go. No good deed goes unnoticed. Even if you do not realize it, someone is watching you. Your acts of kindness may change the life of all of those that you help and all who see it. Make this year a year to change lives. You can help change the world, one life at a time.

Teeny Textiles Review & Giveaway

I've had the wonderful opportunity to review lots of cloth diapers. I've tried new brands, experimented with work at home moms and come to learn of some wonderful companies. 

My next diaper that I got to try was from Teeny Textiles. She has some wonderfully cute diapers and I was excited to get to try one!
We received the Organic Bamboo Colorful Fox Fitted and I couldn't be happier with it. 
Since I received my package just before Christmas she also included one of her ornaments as well. 

Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Heart Rate Monitors

Anyone who works out or does cardio workouts of any kind really should invest in a Heart Rate Monitor Watch. They are great for tracking your heart rate as well as other important information. A lot of them use a GPS to track the distance you walked/ran as well as your pace and time. Data from each run is then stored into the unit so you can go back and review vital details. Some even do calories burned as well which I know is a great motivator. Sometimes you don't even have to run a long distance or walk a lot to burn the calories you want to. Sometimes you just need to burn a couple hundred calories a day and walking 2 miles at a brisk pace can easily get you there. If you can achieve the speed of walking  a mile under 13 minutes then you will burn even more calories.

A heart rate monitor is very vital for certain people. You will know what heart rate your limit is at and you will know to never go over that rate again. If you are approaching it you know to slow down or even take a break. Losing a few extra calories or getting in that extra half mile is not worth a heart attack or stroke! So get your watch and start tracking your cardio!

Time to Make Room for Old Dreams

If you’re like most people you live a busy and demanding life. While we work to achieve the things we want we often find that some things have to be put on hold. Whether you are focused on work, school, or the responsibilities of a family, there’s a good chance you have let an old dream die. Now’s the time to revive that dream and make your life more interesting.

Travel Dreams
It seems that everyone likes to travel but only a few individuals realize their goal of visiting dream destinations. Sometimes traveling is put off until retirement. The problem with that is, we never know what the future may hold for us. Health concerns or family issues may prohibit traveling in later years.
Don’t take the chance of never being able to live out your travel dreams; plan a trip this year. There are some simple ways to save on travel expenses. Use the Internet to find discount packages and more.

Revive an Old Hobby
Spending time on a favorite pastime is a great way to relax and unwind. Unfortunately, it seems that the people that could benefit most from this are the ones that ‘are too busy’ to indulge. Rather than relaxation they may be focused on responsibilities. However, taking the time to enjoy a hobby is one way to refresh and rejuvenate oneself. It can increase your overall productivity and improve your emotional state.

Learn Something
Learning a new language or how to do something new is a wonderful way to work your brain. The learning process offers other benefits too. When you are focused on learning you are not stressed about everyday worries or concerns. The distraction is a break from your normal routine; it’s a fantastic way to relax in a productive manner.
A perfect example of this is learning to play a violin or other musical instrument. Checking out TakeLessons teachers will eliminate the chore of finding a quality instructor. Visit the site and enter your location and the type of instrument you want to play to find a teacher near you.
If you aren’t musical there are lots of other things you can learn. Consider taking an online course in a subject that interests you. Online courses offer the flexibility that busy people need. You can ‘attend’ classes when they fit into your schedule.
It’s time to pursue lost dreams. Taking the time to add some fun into your life will give each day a new meaning. It’s an amazing remedy for boredom.

Tuesday, January 15, 2013

Platinum Home Warranty

When I moved into my new home, I wanted to make sure that everything was protected. Chandler Home Warranty had three different plans to choose from, and each plan offered something different. After looking at each one, the platinum package seemed the best, and I have not been disappointed. All of my questions have been answered to my satisfaction. The great thing about the plans offered through the company is that I can make my coverage payment once a year instead of making a payment each month. The platinum package includes things that I would not think would be covered under a home warranty. If anything happens to my heating or cooling system, it will get taken care of. My HVAC system is also checked twice each year at no charge to me. In the event that something happens to my system, the company has a 24 hour response time. All of the electrical wiring is covered, and this is important because my last home caught on fire because of faulty wiring. Pest control is even included in the plan.

Sunday, January 13, 2013

BBQ Party Game Review

This is a very fun game from Asmodee games. It's called Barbecue Party.

Friday, January 11, 2013

Finding the best deal...

You all should definitely know by now that I love to coupon and love to find the best deal possible. My latest best find was my wedding dress. I got it for just $52.98 with tax. You really can't find one cheaper. It was BRAND new, it wasn't from a second hand shop (not that there's anything wrong with that), it was the only one like it, it was my size and required 0 alterations, it was truly the perfect dress for me.

I love finding these deals everywhere I go. When I go in search of something in particular, I look for the best deal. There really is no better way to shop right? is a wonderful website that I like to visit often. They have from computers and electronics to clothing and beyond. It's truly a great area to find that best deal on whatever it may be that you're searching for.

I use it mainly for electronics and such. Those are very pricey items and finding them there at a better price is so worth the little bit of extra effort. Listen to me when I say this... It IS worth saving money even if it takes a little longer to find the right price.

If you spend 10 minutes searching for a cheaper price, but you save $10 to even hundreds of dollars is that not worth it? I remember specifically one time Jon was looking for something in particular and he saw one that was $40 something dollars. He was going to purchase it. I told him to look at the other ones and the EXACT same product was listed below it for about $12. I saved him almost $30 just by having him hit the back button.
And he's learned to ALWAYS use coupon codes online! ALWAYS!!!

I love a good deal and PriceGrabber is the place to go for one!

I'm a Married Woman!

I can't believe this day has finally arrived. After knowing each other for around 13 years and being together for 6 1/2 it was finally time! Jon and I are finally married!!

I will have better pictures once the photographer's come in about a week from now, but for now these were taken on my friend's cell phone!
My $50 dress with no alterations needed!
Not a great picture, but us as a family and it shows my dress better!
Now I get to change all my information to my new name in about 2 weeks!!! OH JOY!

Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Gorgeous Maternity Clothes

At this current time I do not need maternity clothes. I hope to one day need them again though however and if/when that time comes I would love to shop at Maternity Sale. Their maternity clothes are just gorgeous and are perfect for any mother to be.

The Pastel-striped Singlet Dress is perfect for summer and it looks light and airy. This dress is made out of bamboo so it's super soft.

How about this wonderful Chunky Cable Knit Cardigan that is great for pregnancy, breastfeeding and beyond! You really can't go wrong with a sweater that has a little extra material, but can still be worn for years after baby is born!
How about this White & Grey Striped Top that would not only look adorable under the above cardigan, but it too is a maternity shirt and nursing top as well! So it has a double purpose. And even after that there is no reason it can't be worn beyond!
They also carry some wonderful jeans. Like these Black Skinny Jeans
For those of you who thought skinny jeans were out of the question just because you're pregnant? Well you're definitely wrong! Check these out!!
They carry some other wonderful items as well like Pants and leggings, skirts, swimwear, evening wear and even nursing items and bras. 
They have all of your maternity/nursing items in just one shop and it's so easy to spend lots of money there with all of their wonderful items!

The Black Skinny Jeans above are just $73 which is pretty affordable. All of their items are very affordable, yet comfortable!

Check them out!

Tuesday, January 8, 2013

cureLauncher- An Honest Way to help People out!

One of the biggest gripes I have concerning the majority of research organizations out there is that my money isn't being entirely used on research. While I'm aware that those running the organization need to earn a living, my donation now defeats the sheer purpose of donating to begin with. Many organizations don't even tell their donors precisely what their money is going to. That being the case, I've become increasingly concerned with everything these organizations are doing. Now, a friend of mine recently told me about a website called, a fundraising site where real scientists (and real people) ask caring individuals to actually donate to cancer research. So far, it's been a pretty stellar experience. Because researchers have to publish a video pitch about their personal initiatives, you (the donor) gain a thorough understanding of what they want to achieve. Your donations don't get sucked into the vacuous unknown. You're donating to specific, potentially lifesaving initiatives. One thing I'm especially appreciative of is the tangible proof of experience outside of the video pitch. For example, Dr. Lee Roy Morgan openly lists his experience, education and recognition (awards, honors, etc.). I can trust that the money I'm donating is going to be put to good use for the very cause I'm supporting. Being able to observe or "keep tabs" on a project's progress is quite endearing to me as well. Not only do you have the opportunity to view updates on a project’s page, but you’re welcome to open up a discussion or ask questions about a particular project. The researchers are clearly not the only hands-on people at cureLauncher. Even if they’re not doing the actual research, the donors at have the ability to speak their mind and truly make a difference.

The Best Beaches for this Year's Summer Vacation

Summer is coming and it is getting time to head to the beach! Before you go it can be good to do a little research and check out a few beaches and all they have to offer so you can find one that will be best for you and your family or friends!
Beachwalker Park, Kiawah Island, South Carolina is a lesser known beach but according to Forbes it rates as one of America’s best beaches. The reviews boast clean water and a place where you can find fantastic seafood. There is PGA golf courses nearby, and the beach itself is great for kayaking, bird-watching, interpretive tours, and cycling.
A New England favorite is Cape Cod in Massachusetts, which is noted for being the summer retreat for New Englanders everywhere. It has a charming small town atmosphere with that quintessential New England feel, but it is cheaper than Nantucket and Martha’s Vineyard. The Cape has 115 beaches, and a 40 mile stretch of unspoiled sandy beach in the Outer Cape Cod. They also take safety seriously as they test their waters regularly to keep guests healthy.
The Outer Banks in North Carolina is a popular destination for people of all ages. It is historically significant for being the place where the Wright brothers took their first flight, Blackbeard fought his last battle, and the Lost Colony was lost. But today it is enjoyed for its barrier islands where people windsurf, fish, ride ATVs, enjoy the warm waters and local nature. There are also some secluded beaches and wonderful lighthouses for a romantic getaway.
Laguna Beach in California is a beautiful place to visit and enjoy. They are said to have some of the most beautiful beaches in California and they have seven miles of “picturesque Pacific coastline.” They have impressive tide pools where you can get a close up look at marine life while still on dry land. Their diving is exceptional and you will see an array of sea life including fish, anemones, and even octopus. There are great places to eat along the way and plenty of luxurious and affordable Laguna Beach Hotels if you want to stay for a while.
The mainland isn’t the only place in the states with fabulous beaches. Hamoa Beach in Maui, Hawaii is a great escape too. It can be a bit of a trek to get there but once you are there you can experience a place “rimmed by cliffs, covered by coconut palm trees and beautiful flowering vegetation”. One of the unique things about this beach is that when you are in it you are actually inside a breached volcanic crater and you can find a mixture of coral and lava sands under your feet.
Summer is a great time to get away and have some fun. And spending some time at the beach is fantastic because you can enjoy activities on the shore or in the water, and you have a cool spot to get wet in when the summer sun gets too hot.