Mommy's Favorite Things: iLive Waterproof Truly Wireless Earbuds Review

Wednesday, January 17, 2024

iLive Waterproof Truly Wireless Earbuds Review

I received an item from iLive Electronics for the sole purpose for this review

I have been using the same style of headphones for many years. I'm on my second pair, but I've been wanting to try something new. So when I was contacted by iLive Electronics, I was ready to try their Wireless Earbuds

The earbuds have a sporty hook design to keep them in place. And they DOOOO stay in place I use these in the gym, hiking and even running and they do not fall out of my sweaty ears (ewww). They really do stay put. Even when I lay down on a bench. 

These earbuds have been wonderful. They are waterproof, have a built in microphone, does voice prompts and more. These earbuds are pretty much noise cancelling as well. It's really easy to hit my workouts with these buds in as I can't hear much outside noise like I could with my other headphones. 

I love the rechargeable case too and the charge on the case lasts FOREVER, it seems. Really easy to keep the case charged with the micro-usb and just drop the buds in and they charge up. The case honestly lasts a couple weeks on the full charge. So my buds are always ready to go!

The buds also come with 3 sets of eartips (small, medium and large) and a limited 90 day warranty, as well. I have thoroughly enjoyed using these earbuds and I love the hook design the most so I know I won't lose them! 

Price: $79.99 so definitely a better price than higher end brands!

Overall:  ***** for sure. I haven't found a single negative for these earbuds yet.

*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from iLive Electronics in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to iLive Electronics for allowing me to review this product