Mommy's Favorite Things: 4 Approaches to Ensure You're Spending Quality Time (Not Quantity Time) as a Family

Wednesday, August 2, 2023

4 Approaches to Ensure You're Spending Quality Time (Not Quantity Time) as a Family


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Ensuring we can get more out of life as a parent is about making the most of the time we have as a family. Many parents can make the mistake of thinking that the more time they spend with their family, the better, but it's actually about the quality of time you have, especially in this modern world. So what can we do to ensure that we are focusing on quality time rather than quantity time?

Create Traditions

Traditions are a very simple way to strengthen your bond as a family. The trick here is to not overthink it because you can establish simple family traditions like a weekly game night or an outdoor adventure. Likewise, you could watch these movies with the whole family as part of a movie night. We don't need to think too hard because the fact that you are all together is a great place to begin. Some parents can think that they need to make the moment truly special by forcing conversation, but if people aren't feeling it, something like a movie night or a practice that diverts focus will be just as valuable.

Plan Things Together

Another way to spend quality time would be to work together on events that everybody will benefit from. This can take quite a bit of practice because if you've got a number of children who want to do something that suits them, you've got to teach the importance of being considerate to their siblings. It is essential to stimulate discussion to make sure that we're doing things that benefit everybody or at the very least everybody can get something out of it. Because if one child wants to do something that benefits them but the other kids are not on board, this is not going to make for a very enjoyable event for a number of reasons beyond personal preference. It could also be a bone of contention between siblings that could cause scuffles!

Be Present

It's easier than ever to be distracted and we can find that over time we feel the temptation to stare at our phones. Consider making family time a tech-free zone so you can be fully present during family activities and practice skills like active listening. Active listening may sound complex but very simply it's about giving the person you're with your undivided attention and showing interest in what they have to say while responding thoughtfully. It's something we all struggle with these days but if you can start to practice it you will all get a lot more out of family time.

Bring the Humor Back

If you are thinking about more ways to spend time together because the kids are getting older and there's only so much time left, you can understandably feel that pressure to make every moment count. Sometimes it's just about making sure that you all feel relaxed as a family. It could be a very tense household because of numerous pressures, so learning to embrace playfulness and humor can help you connect and, over time, bring your guards down.