Mommy's Favorite Things: How to Get your Home Ready for Summer!

Monday, January 16, 2023

How to Get your Home Ready for Summer!

It might be the middle of a bleak winter, but that doesn’t mean that you can’t start planning for an incredible summer this year. As the weather starts to get warmer, you might want to spend more time relaxing outside in your garden or invite your family around for summer barbecues. 


It’s never too early to start revamping your house in time for a summer full of exciting activities. The easier you start your renovations, the more relaxed you will feel as summer approaches. You’ll beat the last-minute rush where every homeowner is desperate trying to switch up their interior design or organize their garden before the hot months roll around. 


Below, we’ve got some top tips to help you get ready for summer. 


How to Get Your Home Summer Ready 

Searching for some great ways to get your home ready for the summer season? Give the following things a go! 


Give your garden a makeover 

If you’re planning lots of outdoor activities this summer, you’ll need to focus on getting your garden ready. You might plan on inviting family members around for gatherings, hosting garden parties for your friends, or throwing a summer birthday party. 


Having an outdoor space that is clean and inviting will make you and your guests feel as comfortable as possible. There are plenty of things that you can do to create the perfect garden space in your home. 


Firstly, consider adding a lick of paint to your fencing and sprucing up the greenery. Seed your grass so that it has grown by the time summer comes around, and plant lots of new flowers to add color to your garden. 


You can also consider replacing your garden furniture. Treat yourself to some designer daybeds and an outdoor table with matching chairs, so your guests have places to sit when they visit. If you don’t want to buy new furniture, paint your existing furniture or add a layer of glossy staining to make it look brand-new. 


Add lots of color to your home 

Summer is all about color and character. You’ll want your property to feel welcoming and atmospheric in the summer sun. 


Focus on using yellows, oranges, and reds when updating your interior design. Stick to bright tones that feel warm and cozy, as opposed to darker, more neutral tones, as they will reflect the sunlight into your home. 


There are lots of simple ways to add different colors to your property, both inside and outside of your house. You can purchase colorful furniture or decorative accessories to spice up your interior design. Even something as simple as changing your bedding to brighter colored sheets can do the trick to enhance your home’s interior design. 


Don’t be afraid to combine different colors together. Summer is the perfect season to experiment and try new designs and textures that you might have been reluctant to try otherwise!  


Create a summer scent 

Scents have the incredible ability to create atmosphere and character. They can make your house feel cozy and relaxing, which is exactly what you want for your summer gatherings. 


Take lots of care and thought when deciding which fragrances to use in your home this summer. Think about which scents remind you of happy times or which ones scream ‘summer’ to you.  


Perhaps you want a sweet vanilla aroma to circle around your home, or maybe a floral scent suits your preferences more. Get yourself lots of candles and essential oil diffusers, so your home always smells great. 


Create lots of open space in your home 

Open space is perfect for summer as it enables more sunlight to flow into your home while also creating room for family gatherings and parties. 


Even if your property is relatively small, you can create more space by rearranging your furniture. Be sure to keep the window space clear and open to maximize the amount of sunlight that can enter your house. 


Avoid cluttering up your home with accessories and decor and, instead, keep your decor minimal. This will make your living space look bigger and more inviting. 


Treat yourself to some new lighting fixtures 

Lighting is still important in summer, even though the days are longer and brighter. You’ll need overhead and eye-level lighting to keep your property well-lit during the evenings when you’re relaxing at home. 


You can choose to keep things simple with basic lamps and overhead spotlights or treat yourself to some designer chandeliers or built-in floor lights. Fairy lights also add a lovely touch to hallways or bedrooms for extra coziness and relaxation. 


bellagirl07 said...

Great tips and some I had not thought of before. I am so ready for spring cleaning and reorganizing.
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Leela said...

Open space sounds great. I can't wait for the weather to get better.

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