Mommy's Favorite Things: Top Christmas Gifts for Health Enthusiasts

Wednesday, November 16, 2022

Top Christmas Gifts for Health Enthusiasts

 Making Christmas lists is a bit like solving a puzzle - especially if you want to choose gifts that show you gave the matter some thought. Hitting the mall for a “quick” Christmas shop will mean compromising. At some point, you’re just going to end up stuffing your trolley with generic gifts only to find that they don’t match the people on your holiday gift list.  


Top tips for choosing gifts? Take your time and shop online for greater variety and lower pressure. Choosing gifts for health enthusiasts can be a tough call, however. They might not like the ingredients in the typical toiletry packs, and chocolates could be off limits. Check out these ideas for healthy holiday gifts. 

Dried Fruit Hampers  

Dried fruits are a healthy snack that lasts. It’s a matter of tasting a little here and there and enjoying the natural energy boost. Choose a gorgeous Christmas fruit basket that’s attractively packaged for the festive season. Some of them come in attractive reusable containers that are pretty enough to be a gift all on their own. What could be more wholesome than that? 

A Smart Watch 

Smart watches aren’t as expensive as they used to be, and if your favorite health enthusiast doesn’t own one yet, they might enjoy the way it can monitor their vital signs, track exercise, and access their favorite health-related apps. Fitness fanatics will love the way it measures their pulse, tracks blood oxygen and blood pressure and more. Plus, it tells the time.  

A Selection of Herbal Teas 

Is she avoiding caffeine? A selection of herbal teas could be a great way to brighten up her life. They’re really tasty too. Green tea, chamomile tea, and lemongrass tea are all good choices for people who like a healthy diet. Ginger tea is also a favorite, and may even have medicinal properties.  

A Massager 

Massage gets the blood circulation going, and it’s great for people who prefer to treat aches and pains the natural way. If the health drive includes a strenuous gym program, there’ll be lots of “recovery” days for nursing exercise-related muscle aches, and a massager may help to get them through. Massage tools come in all shapes and sizes across a range of price tags, so you’re sure to find the right gift that fits its recipient as well as your budget.  

A Wine Purifier 

Most authorities agree that drinking red wine in moderation is a healthy thing to do. There’s just one problem: the sulfites used to preserve wine don’t do much for the flavor, and they give some people adverse reactions. A wine purifier works a bit like a water purifier, and it targets sulfites, making that glass of vino much healthier to drink.  

A Meditation Cushion 

Health enthusiasts aim to improve their bodies and calm their minds, and nothing could be better for the latter than a daily meditation session. If you’re looking for an unusual gift for a health enthusiast, this could be the thing you’re looking for! After all, how many people out there even own a meditation cushion? 

A Kettlebell 

Want to help them boost their home workouts? A kettlebell could be the answer. And don’t think it isn’t classyChoose a variant that allows for weight adjustment. You can even get them with DVDs demonstrating the exercises they can be used for.  

Not Sure What’s Best? Look for Hints 

If you’re still not sure what to choose for a person who is working hard on their wellness, try looking for a few hints. A confidential conversation with a partner or parent could do the trick, or you could try a little subtle questioning of your own - just to make sure they’ll enjoy what you have in mind. Don’t give the game away and spoil the surprise!