Mommy's Favorite Things: The 3 Essentials To Finding The Right Family Doctor

Friday, October 14, 2022

The 3 Essentials To Finding The Right Family Doctor

 When you have children, having the right doctor is essential. When you are young and childless, you have different needs, and just about any doctor will be fine. You aren’t likely to be seeing one that often, anyway. With kids the story is different. You will be seeing your family doctor on a regular basis. It takes a little bit of effort to find the right one that you will be happy with since you will need to have a lot of trust in them.  


There are a lot of great doctors out there but they aren’t all the same. Some might be very talented but have a terrible bedside manner that just doesn’t work for you. Or, they have far too many patients and can’t give you the attention that you need. In this article, we will go over many of the factors that go into finding the right family doctor.  


1 - Choose a specialty 


Many general practitioners started out with some type of specialization and then worked their way into becoming primary care physicians. This means that there are some out there that have a certain specialization that might set them apart for you if they have skills that suit your particular needs.  


For instance, the ​​Finding the Root Cause Family Doctor will specialize in holistic medicine that focuses on treating the illness and not just the symptoms. If your child has persistent illnesses that don’t seem to get better then this type of doctor will be your best bet.  


Some of them may be specialized in pediatric immunology to treat a lot of transmittable diseases, and some may be more focused on cardiology. Once you know what your child’s needs are, then you can concentrate on the doctor that will understand those needs. It should be noted, however, that all of these specializations fall under the same umbrella as a primary care physician. They will likely need to see a specialist in the area if they have issues. A primary care physician with these specializations is better equipped to handle the daily problems your child may have though.  


2 - Treatment styles 


There are many different styles that physicians have and some may or may not work for you. Think about what type of approach you would like the doctor to have and then ask lots of questions about their style to see if it matches your expectations.  


For instance, some physicians will look to therapy for certain problems to see if they can treat things without having to resort to giving prescriptions right away. Others may feel like having drugs to treat problems should be used since they are proven to work and don’t want to waste time with too much therapy.  


Some may even use a hybrid between Western and Eastern medicine to cover all of the options available so if you like doctors that take a holistic approach but balanced out with proven Western treatments then that is also an option.  


3 - Ask for recommendations 


You probably know a lot of other parents by this point and they all have a physician they use for their family. Ask around and see who is using which doctor and how they like them. Since you are likely to trust the opinions of your friends and relatives then when they tell you who they use you may also find the doctor to be what you are looking for.  


Make sure to ask detailed questions about the specializations they may have and what style they use for their approach to treatments for children. If these things align with your wants and needs then this is a good candidate for you.  


4 - Verify their background 


Every doctor has a paper trail that begins when they graduate from medical school up to the point you are thinking of becoming a patient. They have accreditations and a background that can be verified by anybody who cares to look. Every state will have a portal where you can check to see if there have ever been any disciplinary actions against them.  


They are usually affiliated with a local hospital and even more than one hospital in some cases. This means that you can be sure they are well-established and have a record with the community.  




It isn’t always easy finding the right fit with a doctor, particularly one that deals with children. You may even have to go through more than one until you settle. However, when you find the right doctor your life is much better.