Mommy's Favorite Things: Safe Auto Transport - Here's How

Tuesday, October 4, 2022

Safe Auto Transport - Here's How

When shipping your car, choosing a reputable shipping company is essential. Check out the company's Google Business page or social media sites for customer reviews. These reviews will tell you what others went through and what you can expect.

Enclosed Car Shipping

Enclosed car shipping is the preferred method for shipping cars with sentimental value. Its benefits over open auto transport include:

  • Guaranteed pickup and delivery dates.
  • Real-time tracking.
  • The ability to communicate with drivers directly.

However, when shipping a car with low ground clearance, it is vital to protect it against damage.

Enclosed car shipping may be less expensive than open car shipping, but it offers a higher level of security. In addition, it may provide more insurance coverage than available transport. Regardless of the method, check insurance coverage before signing up with transporters. Enclosed auto shipping may cost more than open transport, so ask how much you should expect to pay for shipping.

While enclosed car shipping is preferred when moving across the country, driving your vehicle with an open carrier is still possible. This method can be cheaper if the shipping company offers a terminal-to-terminal service. In addition, there are shipping companies that go beyond the standard service. For instance, Auto Transport AAT - door to door delivery is the most convenient way of vehicle transport done by the said company. However, unlike available vehicles, this method requires drivers to wait for full loads before taking the highway. Nonetheless, it is a wise choice if you want to stay free of arrangements with the shipment.


When shipping a car, it is vital to purchase the appropriate insurance to protect it. Auto transport insurance is essential for several reasons, from relocation to classic investment. Even shipping a car to eBay, you must consider all the risks associated with sending a car.

When selecting an auto transport company, ask about their insurance policy. Many transport companies have their insurance policies. Before hiring a company, you'll need to understand the types and amounts of coverage. In addition, some carriers offer a supplemental range to customers, so it is essential to know your options. Having insurance will also protect you if your car is damaged during transport.

When comparing auto transport insurance policies, you can look for a policy that offers the right coverage for your needs. For example, a good policy will cover damage while the vehicle is in transit and during loading. Make sure to ask for proof of coverage and any notification requirements. By asking about insurance, you can be confident that your car is protected against any unexpected event.

You can also get supplemental insurance for your auto transport company. Many auto transport companies offer cash toward the deductible and gap coverage if your vehicle gets damaged during transport. If you need supplemental coverage, consider asking your broker for a quote.