Mommy's Favorite Things: Simple Ways You Can Create an Awesome Christmas Décor

Thursday, December 16, 2021

Simple Ways You Can Create an Awesome Christmas Décor

 Christmas literally comes with a truckload of fun. But just as you know, renting a truck will cost some money. And so does Christmas. All the fun you can get during this time comes at a cost. I sometimes wonder how people tend to ignore this cost while preparing for the festival.

These fiscal obligations are unavoidable. They stare at you in the face and expect that you pay. While these things can get bugging, you can avoid the stress. All you need to do is to plan. When you know what you want to buy and why you want to buy it, the heat of Christmas spending will drop by some degrees.


Which Christmas Decoration should I put first?

As always, the two first things that drop in anyone’s mind when they hear Christmas are the Christmas tree and the Christmas lights. They are pretty much the longest-standing members of the Christmas décor team since the tradition began and it seems like they are not getting off the list anytime soon.

However, you should also add some other ornaments to beautify your space and add a little more life to your design… you can go for bells, stars, and any only themed designs such as school buses, spacecraft, or automobiles. It is your tree and you have all the freedom in the world to express how you want your home to look


You do need some tools- do you have them?

Whether you are making DIY festive décor or you are putting your store-bought stuff, you will need some equipment. These will help your work look finer and more coordinated. You would need a small step-on ladder so you can fix ornaments to high and unreachable parts of your trees.

Where you are finding it difficult to keep a string of light in place, a little copper wire can do it for you. Where the wrappings of your ornaments are fast losing their grips around it, you can touch them up with some glue.

I encourage you to create your magic- with a team! Get help when you need it.


Do I need to make the interior décor as beautiful as the outdoors?

The exterior of your house is the first impression you give people who are either passing by and to guests who are coming to spend some good time with you. But while you may want your outdoors to be appreciated by passersby, you still have to make the insides of your home as welcoming and lovely as they can be.

I prefer making my interior look better. It is the nearest part of the home, so I invest so much time into designing it into a very comfy space.

Don’t Overspend- bootstrap!

However, when I say I invest a lot of time, that doesn’t mean that I spend all the money in the world to get things done. In fact, you should design most of your interior décor yourself. It makes your space more homely and original.

For instance, you can create magic in your dining space by allowing your guests to customize their place setting with pens on thick sketch papers. This would help you cut costs that would have come if you bought a tablecloth.


Make Your Christmas tree your Christmas tree

At this point in the history of Christmas, everyone seems to know what a Christmas tree looks like. There seems to be nothing new anymore about the symmetrically-shaped tree with a star at the top. So, why not go with something different?

Simply dump the boring idea of what a Christmas tree should look like and create what you would like to see in your home.

For instance, if you have kids that love science, you can make a physics-themed tree. And if you are a big fan of the NBA, then you can light up the top of your tree with Jordan’s 23 or Kobe Bryant’s 24.


Natural or Artificial- which tree should I go for?

Your choice of a tree should be an offshoot of logical decisions.

Artificial trees when made of substandard and flimsy materials can become too flimsy to fix anything on. As such, they lose their balance faster. One good thing about it is that when it is from a good producer, its needles stay intact. So, you can tuck it away till next season.

Natural ones carry the warmth and ambiance of nature- which is probably the image you want your guests to see of your house.