Mommy's Favorite Things: How to Clean an Oven!

Thursday, July 15, 2021

How to Clean an Oven!


Cleaning an oven is one of the most avoided tasks in the kitchen. It’s easy to ignore, but you will be faced with layers of grime and grease in a few months. But it doesn’t have to come to this- there are ways to make the job more bearable and straightforward. Are you wondering how to clean oven naturally while avoiding those harsh chemicals? Follow the simple steps below.

  • Collect your cleaning materials

You don’t need a blend of chemical-laden products to make your oven look as good as new. Water, baking soda, spray bottle, white vinegar, cleaning rag, and rubber gloves will do the magic. 

  • Switch off the oven and remove the racks

When you are sure that the oven is cooled down, remove the oven racks and place them somewhere safe. Remember also to remove anything else that may be inside, such as pans and thermometers. 

  • Prepare a cleaning paste.

Add half a cup of water to an equal amount of baking soda and mix until you achieve a spreadable paste. The blend should be enough to cover the entire oven surface-double the ingredients if necessary. 

  • Apply the baking soda paste

Wear rubber gloves and apply the cleaning paste on the interior surface of your oven. Please don’t do it gloveless; otherwise, the grime will settle under your fingernails. Also, ensure that there is no heating element close by as you spread the paste. Add a thick paste on extra greasy areas. The paste will eventually turn brown as it works on the dirt.

  • Allow the baking soda paste to sit for 12 hours or more. 

When you are done covering your oven with paste, let it work on the grease for at least 12 hours. As you wait, you can start working on the oven racks. Please place them in hot water for at least two hours. If your sink isn’t big enough, try a bathtub. After two hours, scrub with soap and rinse. 

  • Wipe down the oven interior surface 

After 12 hours, use a damp dishcloth to wipe down the interiors. If possible, clear all the residue and paste. You can use a spatula to scrape the stubborn residue and to work on the hard-to-reach areas -do it gently.

  • Spray vinegar inside the oven

Pour a reasonable amount of white vinegar into a spray bottle inside your oven. Vinegar is a perfect cleaning agent since it reacts with the remaining baking soda paste, starts to foam, and loosens completely. 

  • Wipe it clean

Use a clean damp rag to wipe out any remaining residue. At this stage, you can return the clean racks and allow everything to dry. If need be, turn it on for some minutes to dry faster. 

  • Work on your oven window

When everything inside your oven is clean and dry, it’s time to handle your oven glass. Make a cleaning paste using water and baking soda in equal measures. Apply the paste on the window and allow it to settle for approximately 30 minutes. Finally, wipe the residue off using a paper towel or damp rag. You will have a clear view of your sparkling clean oven interiors. 

  • Clean your oven nobs and doors

Prepare a cleaning solution using water and vinegar in a ratio of 1:1. Spray the solution on a towel and wipe down your oven exteriors until streaks and spots are cleared. Don’t spray the mixture onto the knobs directly; you may damage the control panel. 

  • Spread nonstick sheets

After all the hard work, chances are you wouldn’t want to repeat the procedure any time soon. For this reason, add nonstick oven liners to keep it clean.


Depending on how much you use your oven, ensure that you clean it whenever necessary. If you use it often, give it a deep clean after every three months. However, if you still feel that it’s too much work, hire a professional to do it on your behalf. In the long run, all that matters is a sparkling clean oven.