Mommy's Favorite Things: Hottest Deals of the Week!!!

Thursday, March 4, 2021

Hottest Deals of the Week!!!

  *This post contains affiliate links, I do receive a small incentive if you purchase through these links.

These are some of the Hottest Deals of the last week!!!

My favorite no show socks!! These are the only ones I've tried that don't slip. I've walked miles in them without issue!!!! Marked down AND have a 5% clickable!

Wet/Windy Soccer season is COMING!!!!! It’s HEATED!!! I mean what better seat could you ask for?! You connect a little battery and it heats up to 115 degrees! On s a l e, and a coupon to clip!

I'm changing the narrative here a little bit.... and no, I don't care lol. I have heard ABSOLUTELY amazing things about this... ummmm....well, you know. And today it is 40% off so I HAD to share the love! And yes, I bought the Purple. Use code 40BESTVIBE to grab it for $29.98. Works on both colors

This has quickly become one of my favorite cleaning gadgets! I like it for windowsills, around sink fixtures and for cleaning my heat vents the most! I also keep an 'unused' one around to brush the dust/crumbs out of the crevices in my car!!! And they're under $7! The other end can be used as a scraper too to get in little cracks.

I will only ever post Apple chargers that are Mfi certified.... because I hate that dreaded "this accessory is not supported" message. This 3 pack of 10ft charging cords is $4.99 with code VS8TO3QC

I'm a sucker for oil diffusers and this one is SO PRETTY! It has agate stone in it that is claimed to help with a variety of things. Under 20 shipped (Reg. $35) with code 45ANXA8L

At one point finding this hand soap was like trying to find a unicorn. On sale here for only $1.84 a bottle! And this scent is my favorite.

Gain Ultra Dishwashing Liquid Dish Soap, Original Scent, 21.6 fl oz only $1.87!! I'm stocking up at this price!

These are photo memory sticks for your PHONE! Don't like to mess with "the cloud"? Get all those videos and pictures from your phone stored safely on a drive! PLUS get 60%off when you use code CIDP622I AND click the coupon Works for Android and iPhone!

The most gorgeous hummingbird feeder I've ever seen! And you can get it for about $14.50 with code NY3UWWS4

These are GREAT for sleepovers!! Ozark Trail™ Air Mattress Twin 8.75", Blue only $7.97 and FREE shipping if you have Walmart Plus! If you don't have Walmart Plus, you opt for in store pick up to avoid shipping!

Possibly the cutest shoes I've ever seen in my life! And they're under $30, here!!!

What deals will you be grabbing??