Mommy's Favorite Things: 11 Hilarious Gag Gift Ideas

Wednesday, February 3, 2021

11 Hilarious Gag Gift Ideas

Do you dislike everyone at your office holiday party? Want to spice up your sibling's birthday? Want to one-up all your buddies at the bachelor party? A gag gift might be the way to go. Consider these 11 gag gift ideas.

1. "Crafting With Cat Hair"

"Crafting With Cat Hair," is a book about how to make stuff out of cat hair. It includes projects such as tote bags, cat toys, picture frames, and finger puppets. This one can double as both a gag gift or the perfect gift for the cat lady who has everything, except for a book about making stuff out of cat fur. 

2. "Tequila Mockingbird"

If you know someone who loves alcohol, literature, and puns, "Tequila Mockingbird" might be the perfect gift. This book includes 65 drink recipes paired with commentary on iconic novels, plus drinking games, recipes for bar bites, and whimsical illustrations. 

3. Kitty Carpet

The Kitty Carpet is marketed as "the reusable downstairs toupee." This is the perfect gift for your bachelorette party or a friend with a spicy sense of humor. 

4. "The Bathroom Guestbook" 

Toilet humor has long been a staple of the gag gift genre. This fun little book provides guests with the opportunity to record their favorite thinking room thoughts, doodles, or whatever else they'd like to immortalize while sitting on the throne. 

5. I Hate Everyone Oven Mitt

The I hate everyone oven mitt is the perfect gag gift for the curmudgeon or misanthrope in your life. Your cynical friends are bound to get a laugh out of it and it's an actual oven mitt they can use to keep from burning their hands on their frozen pizza for one. 

6. Don't F**k Up the Table Coasters

For your friends with an off-color sense of humor and hatred of rings on the coffee table, purchase a set of these "don't f**k up the table," coasters. They are amusing and functional. 

7. Game of Phones

This gift idea is another one for lovers of puns. The Game of Phones transforms your cell phone into a scavenger hunt game. The game works by players drawing prompts and then racing to see who can complete tasks, such as creating emoji art or searching google images, the fastest. Works as a funny gift idea or a party game.

8. Mop Slippers

To most people, the idea of walking around with mops on your feet is ridiculous enough to place this in the gag gift category. However, it also might make a practical gift for your laziest friends. 

9. Lightsaber Chopsticks

Have a nerdy friend who loves to quote the "Star Wars" movies? These lightsaber chopsticks might be just the thing. They are small enough to fit in the pocket of the person willing to be seen in public using them and they even light up. Doubles as a cute stocking stuffer for the kids.

10. Bra Flask

Another gift that works well for a bachelorette party or perhaps for your friend's 21st birthday bash. It is pretty much the bra equivalent of the iconic beer helmet. Holds up to 25 ounces of liquid in its custom bladder and comes with a long drinking tube for easy access.

11. Couples Underwear

Couples underwear makes a great gag gift for bachelor or bachelorette parties. There are tons of hilarious designs ranging from hot dogs to emojis to squirrels. Plus, it's also useful. Who doesn't need more underwear? 

Whatever your sense of humor is, one of these unique gag gifts is bound to tickle your funny bone. Make yourself the life of the party by picking one up today.