Mommy's Favorite Things: 23 Recipes Made with Fathead Dough!

Wednesday, January 6, 2021

23 Recipes Made with Fathead Dough!

Fathead Dough is ALL the rage these days! Check out these 23 recipes that involve Fathead Dough for a good low carb/keto friendly meal!!

  1. Low Carb Bagels - An easy bagel recipe made with low carb fathead dough which results in perfect keto bagels every time. Have bagels ready in minutes for your next breakfast or lunch. 
  2. 20 Minute Keto Pizza - Learn how to make the BEST and most crispy low carb pizza crust made with fathead dough. This low carb alternative to pizza is great if you are on the keto diet or simply want to cut carbs and is a carb lover’s dream with just 3 net carbs per slice!
  3. Cinnamon Rolls - This easy keto cinnamon rolls recipe uses coconut flour fathead dough for an amazingly soft texture. Serve warm with melted cream cheese icing on top for a heavenly treat the whole family will love!
  4. Pumpkin Twists - These Sugar-Free Low Carb Pumpkin Twists are made using my nut free Fat Head Low Carb dough recipe. They are very easy to make, gluten free, grain free and perfect for holiday parties!
  5. Fathead Rolls - These low carb, Fat Head Keto Rolls are almond flour free and the perfect alternative to traditional buns for sandwiches, burgers or even personal pizzas! 
  6. Flatbread Spiced Beef Tzatziki Sauce - This Low Carb Flatbread (Spiced Beef with Tzatziki Sauce) is a mouthwatering Greek-inspired dish that’s filling and easy to make. It’s a great blend of spice, and a perfect keto lunch! 
  7. Keto Bagels - The softest and chewiest 5 ingredient low-carb bagels are made with no sugar or butter They make the BEST keto sandwiches at under 8g carb per bagel and are ready in under 30 minutes! 
  8. Chicken n Dumplings - The softest and chewiest 5 ingredient low-carb bagels are made with no sugar or butter They make the BEST keto sandwiches at under 8g carb per bagel and are ready in under 30 minutes! 
  9. Italian Breadsticks - Keto Italian Breadsticks Recipe made with fathead dough and a mixture of herbs are a simple, easy cheesy and fluffy replacement for your snack
  10. Ham and Cheese Hot Pockets - These low carb ham and cheese pockets make a fun snack or meal. The dough is so much like bread, you won't believe it! They're also gluten-free!
  11. Cheese Danish - This Low-Carb Cheese Danish is made with Fat Head dough that is grain free, tree-nut free and made without sugar!
  12. Pretzel Dogs - Low Carb Bagel Dogs or pretzel dogs are easy to make with the Fathead pizza crust recipe. Just wrap, roll, and bake. The perfect low carb or keto lunch, snack, or meal.
  13. Soft Pretzels - Learn how to make keto pretzels with this EASY gluten-free soft pretzels recipe. These chewy low carb pretzels are made with fathead dough and yeast.
  14. Three Cheese Fathead Pizza Crust - This is the Best 3 Cheese Keto White Fathead Pizza Crust Recipe we’ve ever made! It’s got a crispy keto crust that perfect for pilling on all the cheese and toppings!
  15. Asparagus Keto Quiche - This healthy, simple, and easy-to-make Easy Asparagus Keto Quiche with Fathead Dough and Camembert is a great casserole dish, that can be made well in advance. Have it for Breakfast, Dinner, Brunch, or any other occasion. It will always be a winner on the table. 
  16. Rosemary Garlic Flatbread - This low carb rosemary garlic flatbread is very easy to make and utterly delicious.  It makes a great side dish or a tasty appetizer.
  17. Fathead Pizza Pockets - These Keto Fathead Pizza Pockets are delicious proof that going low carb does not mean giving up your favorite foods!

  18. Naan Bread - 

    Complete your Indian feast with this easy low carb keto naan bread recipe. Keto naan with almond flour is ready in less than 30 minutes, you'll love it!

  19. Blueberry Cobbler Bars - These low carb breakfast bars are made with versatile fat head dough and a sweet blueberry filling! They taste similar to a blueberry cheese pastry. They’re so good you’ll even find non keto eaters grabbing seconds!
  20. Garlic Knots - Cheesy and pillowy soft, these garlic knots are made with almond flour, shredded cheese, cream cheese, and eggs. After baking, they’re generously brushed with garlic butter.
  21. Fathead Stuffing - This Easy Gluten Free & Keto Fathead Stuffing is the Perfect Low Carb Side Dish for the Holidays!!!  It Tastes Just Like Traditional Bread Stuffing But Is Made With a Mozzarella Cheese Based Dough.
  22. Low Carb Pizza Rolls - These are THE BEST KETO FATHEAD LOW CARB PIZZA ROLLS you will have taste! The texture is pretty amazing considering they are grain free, gluten free, nut free and low carb! 
  23. Low Carb Crackers - My Keto Low Carb Crackers are made with just a couple of ingredients and not only that, they taste terrific!
Will you be making any of these?