Mommy's Favorite Things: A Pond for Everyone

Monday, November 30, 2020

A Pond for Everyone

Nothing may be as relaxing as sitting by a pond. Whether there is water trickling down rocks, wildlife humming around plants, or large peaceful koi fish swimming under the surface, ponds are therapeutic. But they are also a lot of work. Before you start adding different types of fish and plants, it is important to plan out what type of pond you want. Plants and fish need to complement each other in order to build a healthy ecosystem. If you want to attract wildlife, like birds and turtles, then pond management is key. Deciding on the type of pond you want is your first decision. 

Water Garden Pond

If you want to gaze on beautiful water lilies and sky-high flowers, then a water garden is for you. Water gardens need lots of sunshine. They can be small and do best with a depth of 18 to 24 inches. You should stick to aquatic plants that are native to the area, so they do not affect the local wildlife or surrounding plant life. Keep in mind that some types of fish may eat your plants, or attract birds who will destroy your flowers. However, a few goldfish usually don't hurt. 

Koi Pond

Koi ponds are a popular option if you are interested in watching fish. They are beautiful, hardy fish who do well in backyard ponds. Koi fish need at least 3 feet of water to be happy. If you are in a cooler climate, then the pond needs to be deep enough that your koi can swim comfortably under a layer of ice in the winter. Koi fish eat plants, so don't plant anything you are attached to. These types of ponds require some shade, a pump and a filter. These will prevent the growth of algae, which will limit you from seeing your koi fish. 

Wildlife Pond

If you want to observe frogs, dragonflies and snakes, then build a wildlife pond. There are certain features that you should incorporate into your pond to attract wildlife. Slopped banks and small ledges will make it easy for small amphibians to get in and out of the water. Make sure you have some shade and some sun for the animals. Moving water will deter mosquitos and keep the water more clear. You may want to add fish to your pond. Keep in mind that fish eat dragonflies and tadpoles. Also, fish attract larger birds that may destroy your pond. If you want to add fish, stick to something small and native to the area. 

Whichever type of pond you choose, do your research, and plan out every addition. This will lead to less work for you and happier inhabitants of the pond.