Mommy's Favorite Things: Tips to Update your Mommy Look

Sunday, May 3, 2020

Tips to Update your Mommy Look

Becoming a mother means making many sacrifices. First on the list is sleep. That’s a thing of the past. Certainly, an uninterrupted six, seven, or eight hours of sleep, at any rate. Gone, gone, gone. Next, money. Babies have a tendency to blow holes in your bank account, and in your savings account, and in your super-secret savings in the jar on top of the fridge. So, there you’ll be, a brand-new mother, a few months into the job, broke, sleep deprived, and wearing baggy sweatpants that you didn’t even know you owned. There’s nothing wrong with sweatpants. They’re comfortable. And scragging your hair up in a messy knot. That’s fine, too. Practical. Sensible walking shoes will help as well. Add an oversized comfortable hoodie for the active lifestyle of dealing with babies and toddlers, annnnd you’ve successfully cultivated the classic ‘mom look’.

Nobody is expecting new parents to walk the red carpet. However, there are simple ways of adding hints of style to your daily routine that can instantly rejuvenate your tired look.

Making a spectacle

Eyeglasses offer the perfect way to add flare and colour to your everyday appearance. EyeBuyDirect offers a huge range of options, for example, including red glasses (not for the faint of heart, but worth considering if you want that ‘pop’ of colour to suit all hair colours and skin types). Eyeglasses can cover a multitude of sins. From weary dry eyes to droopy sleepless bags under your eyes, glasses will instantly add a layer of definition to your otherwise washed out features. Only require reading glasses? No problem. Occasional glasses will help to spruce up your look better than no glasses at all. This is a quick win you shouldn’t ignore.

Lighten up

This tip works extremely well when used alongside the glasses trick above. Select a nude eyeliner and apply a generous amount to the lower lid (but stop a few millimetres before reaching the inside corner of the eye). This tip will help to lighten up your eyes, while creating the illusion that your sleepy tired eyes are wide open and much larger. Be sure to blend your handiwork side and side and never downwards, avoiding a messy situation with your lashes.

By following these tips, no matter your clothing or your footwear or your hairstyle, you’ll look fresh and enigmatic, like your ‘practical’ look is a choice and not a result of a tiresome lifestyle.