Mommy's Favorite Things: 4 Tips for Pulling Off an Unforgettable Family Vacation on a Tight Budget

Thursday, August 29, 2019

4 Tips for Pulling Off an Unforgettable Family Vacation on a Tight Budget

It’s often not as expensive as you realize to treat your family to a nice vacation. Even if you are on a tight budget, there are plenty of things that you can do to plan an unforgettable trip for all the family. Chances are, the cost of getting to your destination is what is going to cut into your budget the most, so being able to reduce this as much as possible will significantly cut the price of your entire trip. We’ve put together some of our top ideas for pulling off a family vacation everyone will love on a shoestring budget.

#1. Opt for a Staycation:

Flights are often one of the biggest expenses when it comes to traveling, so a staycation could be just what you need to keep costs down. Whether you decide to visit a part of your state that you haven’t been to before or visit another state altogether, the U.S. is massive and diverse, so there’s always going to be somewhere new and exciting to visit. And when it comes to getting there, there are plenty of different options to choose from. Domestic flights are often much cheaper than flying overseas, or you could make it a road trip and drive to your destination yourself. Or, why not consider hiring an RV – that way, you can get your travel and accommodation in one.

#2. Find Freebies and Vouchers:

Another cost of going on vacation that many people don’t think about is buying all the things that you are going to need whilst you are there. From camping supplies to sunscreen and new vacation outfits, the cost of getting everything together to take with you can quickly add up. So, check out freebie sites where you can find all sorts of different free samples that you can put to use for your trip, and keep your eye on any voucher codes and coupons that are available for the things that you need to buy. If you shop online, you can download a browser tool like Honey, which will search for voucher codes for you.

#3. Travel Off-Peak:

If you can, try and avoid the times of year that tend to be in high demand for travelers, and set off in the off-peak season instead. Traveling off-peak might mean that not all the tourist attractions and restaurants are going to be open, but it’s also much cheaper and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how quiet and peaceful many of the popular destinations are – a great option if you’re not great with crowds and a lot of noise. In addition, traveling off-peak is great for those who want to truly see how the locals live. With most of the tourists gone, you will get a more authentic experience of your destination and you might find hidden gems that you wouldn’t have noticed otherwise.

#4. Look for Last-Minute Deals:

If you want to take a vacation where everything comes packaged with your flights, accommodation, and dining sorted out for you, then it pays to be flexible with your destination and your timing. Check out last minute deals to see if there are any rooms left in hotels that need to be booked up quickly; chances are, you’ll find a great deal simply because the room hasn’t been filled. That being said, looking for last-minute deals can be tricky if you have a particular destination or time of travel in mind, so if it’s not for you, make sure that you book well in advance to take advantage of the best prices before the demand rises.

Did you enjoy these tips? We’d love to hear all about your budget family vacation