Mommy's Favorite Things: 4 Ways you Can Get the Exterior of your Home Ready for Spring

Wednesday, March 13, 2019

4 Ways you Can Get the Exterior of your Home Ready for Spring

You might have noticed that the mornings aren’t as dark as they once were, thee sun is often out and giving off some much needed warmth, the birds are singing and you might have even spotted some daffodils and other spring blooms beginning to spout up through the cold, hard ground…yes! Spring is finally here!

Our gardens and homes often take a back seat during the cold winter months, usually because things in our gardens go to sleep ready for their Spring revival. Our homes get battered with poor weather, leaves clog up the drain pipes and as we’re spending so much of our time cleaning up the inside of our homes – especially when the little ones are trapped indoors – the outside of our homes just doesn’t even come into our minds.

So, with that in mind. We’ve rounded up 4 ways you can get the exterior of your home ready for Spring!

Invest in some good signage
You might see loads of signs around your neighbourhood, from Keep off the grass to speed bump signs to slow drivers down – but did you know you can get some gorgeous signage for your home as well? A gorgeously ornate house number or a beautiful house name plaque. The possibilities are endless really, and the good news is that signage for your home doesn’t have to cost a fortune and it’ll really give your home a boost.

Bring back some colour
Your flower beds might be looking a little sparse after the winter, especially if you don’t have the luxury of wild daffodils growing nearby. So, take matters into your own hands and treat yourself to some big planters, tubs and flower pots and fill them with gorgeously colourful flowers!
It’s a super simple way of making your home look well looked after and really pretty. It’s a fun activity which you could get the little ones involved in too. Just don’t forget to water them and if the weather turns cold/snowy again, bring them into your garage or garden shed to protect them from the elements.

Add some lighting
Sure it doesn’t start to get dark until much later now but investing in some outside lighting will really make your home look magical in the twinkling Spring and Summer evenings that are to come. You could line your garden path with some solar powered lighting and even add one or two into your flower pots or garden shrubs to really create some magic. Having outside lighting is a good security measure too.

Check your property
Bad weather means broken roof tiles, clogged gutters, dirty doors, grubby windows and broken paving slabs. So take a weekend to inspect all areas of your property and see if anything needs attention. Don’t be afraid to get on a ladder and clear out your gutters, and if you see a broken roof tile, call in an expert. Having clean, sparkly windows and spotless window frames will really make your property look well looked after.


Rose-Marie said...

These are good ideas, and none break the bank. It is staying lighter here, now esp with the time change, but has been colder than normal and snow, sleet. Looking forward to seeing some flowers peeking out.

Anonymous said...

I like minimalism at the exterior of my home, especially during the spring time, colors such like white, light grey and light purple look amazing. I wrote descriptive vs narrative writing about influence of colors on the mood.

Michele P. said...

Checking the property after the winter months is very important! I have found roof holes that needed to be patched to prevent leaking, and one year when we first got our house we didn't think much about it but unfortunately the melting snow and spring rains caused a leak in our basement which made for some pretty ugly mold come summertime that we had to take care of. Not fun!