Mommy's Favorite Things: Pink Lemonade Shop Review & GIVEAWAY!

Monday, December 10, 2018

Pink Lemonade Shop Review & GIVEAWAY!

I received samples from Pink Lemonade Shop for the sole purpose of this review

I have been using Pink Lemonade Shop cloth pads for 5-6 years now! I started out with pads from a few different shops and very quickly ended up with just my Pink Lemonade pads. They have been my favorite by a long shot and have been exclusive PLS for 4-5 years. I use a Diva Cup so I really only need a few pads as backups, yet I have over 80 in my stash. I love them so much and Sue just keeps releasing awesome prints that I have to have!

When she asked me to do another review for her, I jumped on the chance! I will forever love fluff mail and would love to share about her wonderful company, yet again!

I received 3, 8" pads and 2, 9" pads. These are mostly all I use since I use them as backup or on super light days.
I received Purple dyed Bamboo Jersey, Scales Minky, Buffalo Plaid Minky and 2 dyed Organic Bamboo Velour pads

 ALL of Sue's pads are fleece backed so they stay put and don't slip around easily, but also the fleece is liquid resistant, so it's perfect for preventing leaks.

They wrap around your underwear and snap to help them stay in place.

Again, I have been using her pads FOREVER and have never had a single issue. Pads stay in place while in use, the fleece also helps against leaks as it's water resistant. Snaps have never broken/fallen off on me. Pads don't bunch up in the wash, etc, etc. I could go on all day about her amazing pads. And to boot, they are SUPER comfortable to use and wear. 

The lengths of her pads determine the absorbency as well. She offers multiple size pantyliners. And then pads from 8"-13" post partum size. Each holds a different amount, which helps when shopping, you can go based off your flow. 

Cloth pads are the way to go, although they may seem pricey at first, you only NEED about 10 of them and those can last you years and years. It saves money in the end, and you'll never run out! No more late night trips to the store, or leaks. I've fallen in love with my cloth pads and have converted a few friends to them as well!

They also sell sets with different lengths as well as Cloth Diapers, wet bags and menstrual cups.

Price: 8" is $9 and 9" is $9.50. 13" pad are $15. So it depends on what you need. 

Overall: ***** as always! Love this company and Sue!

ONE Reader will win a $25 Pink Lemonade Shop Gift Certificate!

*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Pink Lemonade Shop in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Pink Lemonade Shop for allowing me to review this product  and for offering a giveaway


aperry said...

I would choose the
Peace and Love Organic Cotton Jersey Pads with Fleece backs

keri szawara said...

I really like the Black Oyster print. I love this concept of reusable pads, I have never tried anything like it. Thank you for the opportunity!

ColleenMarie82 said...

I also like the Buffalo Plaid Minky Pads with Fleece backs

Lisa said...

I think I would choose the Mixed Tape pads.

Amanda Alvarado said...

I think I would get some of the overnight pads. Love her fabrics - I know some of those are custom because I bought the same fabrics to sew for my daughter! I didn't realize she used custom fabrics!

msrodeobrat said...

I like the cacti cotton jersey pads
Addictedtorodeo at gmail dot com
Ashleh c

Wendy ArtsyChaos said...

I think I could really use something like the 6 Inch Owls Cotton Jersey Mini Cloth Pantyliner.

Mary Chapman said...

I think the plaid liners and the sloth liners are both cute.

courtney hennagir said...

I haven't tried these yet but I am dying to! Now that I have seen all the great prints,I am so in! One thing I know I will get if I win is a True Love Pad because I am obsessed with Nightmare Before Christmas.

Rebecca Orr said...

I would get a couple of the overnight pads. I really love the Solistice Cotton Jersey Pads with Fleece back. And the Peace and Love Organic Cotton Jersey Pads with Fleece back.

brittneyj said...

The cacti cotton pads!

shawna said...

I would like the buffalo plaid.

brendaelsner said...

I like the Neon Butterflies minky pads.

rsteve said...

I would prob choose the Daisies Cotton Jersey Pads.

Leela said...

Buffalo Plaid Minky Pads with Fleece backs.

Jamie Martin said...

Peace & love pads!