Mommy's Favorite Things: Choosing the Right Pet for your Family

Monday, October 22, 2018

Choosing the Right Pet for your Family

Getting a pet seems like a fantastic idea at first glance, but it is easy to look at cute pictures of puppies and kittens, and think that taking care of an animal is easy. There are many benefits to associate with bringing a pet into the family, as you can teach your kids responsibility. It is essential that you pick the right pet for you and the other members of your family.
Several factors come into play, such as whether you have enough room to accommodate a pet in your household, and what costs are involved. Some organizations offer a comprehensive questionnaire designed to help people identify the type of animal they would like most to have in their homes. Right now, let’s focus on the essential aspects of choosing the right pet.

Is a dog the best choice?
Dogs are, as the old saying goes, best friends to humans, and one way to look at this is by understanding how social these animals are. Canines are used to living in packs, and, when you bring a dog into the family, he or she will consider all of you the pack. That means that you should be prepared to spend at least a few hours daily interacting with your pet in some way.
It is quite evident that a dog will feel better in a household with a numerous family. At the same time, this choice might not be the best for people who are extremely busy. If you don’t want to return to a home where no pillow was left unturned, and all the curtains were turned to shreds by an unhappy pet, don’t get a dog.

What about cats?
Read any magazine for pets, and you will see that pictures with cute cats everywhere. Cats are not as social as dogs, but they still love interacting with their human owners, which means that you should have time every day for socializing with your cats. Do we really have to mention how much cats enjoy to be petted?
At the same time, cats can be costlier than dogs. They need a litter box and proper cleaning routines for it, toys to avoid boredom, and, of course, vet care.

Other pets you might want to consider
Birds are another option to bear in mind, but, while at first glance, they might look like less work than a dog or a cat, they are actually more challenging to care for. They are also social creatures, as they live in flocks in their natural environment, so you will have to find time each day to interact with your pet bird.
Reptiles may look like another exciting choice, but their maintenance requirements may not be for anybody. Typically, they cannot regulate their body temperature, so you will have to offer the right type of environment for healthy living. They also require more knowledge about their diet and other aspects of their care.