Mommy's Favorite Things: Center for Parent and Teen Communication: Then & Now

Monday, October 8, 2018

Center for Parent and Teen Communication: Then & Now

This post is sponsored by the Center for Parent and Teen Communication.  All opinions (and memories!) are my own.

The Center for Parent and Teen Communication is a new, valuable resource for every parent navigating the teen years. You can get a taste for the type of advice you’ll find with this post (  from the director, Dr. Ginsburg.

You were such a difficult child, never played with toys, threw tantrums galore, and were very difficult to please. Despite all that, I loved watching you learn, doing flash cards, puzzles, games. You learned Spanish from watching Dora The Explorer. You were an amazing little girl that just went to your own beat.

Now you're an amazing young woman. I learned along the way that instead of toys, you liked arts and crafts and you've become quite the little artist with drawing and clay figures. You love music and choir and have become an AMAZING helper around the house. I love how you've grown into your own and are your own person. Nobody can tell you otherwise. You love being different and I love that you're comfortable being yourself.

Kids grow up; too fast! I love this video.

A lot of babyhood repeats itself in the teen years. Your children need you more than ever! This video helped me reflect.

What are your favorite babyhood memories? What advice do you have for raising teens?