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Friday, September 21, 2018

BULLYMAKE: Dog Goodies Subscription Box

I received a BULLYMAKE box for the sole purpose of this review

I've had Harvey for a year now (Tomorrow the 22nd!!) and he has brought our family so much love and joy. He is truly my soul mate in a dog and I believe he saved me from my abusive relationship. He has been more than I could've ever imagined and I'm so glad I got him as a puppy so I have the most time with him possible! I'm so blessed to have Harvey in my life. 

HOWEVER, the money I've spent on toys is OUTRAGEOUS!!! Being a 5m old puppy when I brought him home, I knew he needed lots of toys and things to chew on. Things that were destroyed in minutes to hours. Toys did not last long in my home at all. One of the most indestructible toys, was given to him for Christmas. So he was 8 months old, It was torn apart in 8 minutes. 8!!!!! And it was a $13 toy. 

Mostly I bought him tennis balls and hard toys to play with from there on out. They costed a bit more, but they lasted a bit longer. Tennis balls he usually has a couple days with before they're destroyed, and $8 for 12 of them made them last a month or 2 per bag. 

But when I saw an ad on FB for BULLYMAKE I just KNEW it was meant to be for Harv! 
We were sent the July box of goodies!

As the box, and their slogan, states, these are designed for power chewers. These toys are designed for dogs just like Harvey, who destroy toys in very little time. I was super excited to get this box of goodies and try them out with him.

In the box was 2 toys, a Hard T-Bone and a Double Cheeseburger softer toy. Cheeseburger can also hide treats!
We also received 3 bags of Treats in the box as well!

It was love at first site!! He laid right down with his toys and was a little confused at first, because I don't get him new toys often.

He immediately took to the T-Bone, which is very hard and durable. It's a little chewed up now (picture at the bottom now that we're 2 months in). But it's 2 months old and STILL LASTING! That's a win!

Harvey has been extremely happy with our box we received. He carries his toys with him everywhere in the house, and he likes the cheeseburger a lot too, even without treats stuffed inside.
He's happy with the box and so am I because they LAST!!!! Even for my power chewer!

ALL their items are made right in the USA, which I LOVE!!! You're really getting your money worth because you know they didn't get the toys for $2 from China!

Price: The box is $39 for one month, or $31 a month for 12 months. 
You just pick your plan, tell them about your dog (weight, allergies, etc) and they ship it out!

And if you don't want to commit to the box? They also sell individual items on their shop! You can buy treats, toys and even harnesses, collars and leashes!

Here are the toys after 2 months. The Cheeseburger is a little dirty and chewed, but no pieces are missing, it's still in almost perfect shape!
The T-Bone is a little chewed up, but it will still last him a LONG time!

Overall: ***** for sure!!! 
I will be buying more, we don't really need the treats so I'll probably just buy individual toys. But I definitely know where I'm going for Christmas this year!!! $13 for a toy that was destroyed in minutes? Or $16-$20 for a toy that will last him MONTHS? It's a win win, in my book!

*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from BULLYMAKE in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to BULLYMAKE for allowing me to review this product


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