Mommy's Favorite Things: Try These 5 Hacks to Get your SO's Dog to Like You!

Thursday, August 9, 2018

Try These 5 Hacks to Get your SO's Dog to Like You!

Looking to advance your relationship with your Significant Other? You might be heading for a power-struggle which you are sure to lose. Your significant other might fight their families and friends for you, but if you mess it up with their dogs you need to show yourself the door. When your SO’s dog does not like you, your SO can start doubting your relationship. Even if the dog is a social one they might not enjoy the attention and affection their owner is giving you. Even if you are not really a dog person you can build a bond with the dog without much effort.

Treat Them Well
The fastest way to the heart of a dog is through acts of random kindness in the form of treats. Give the dog a reward of treats whenever they do something you want them to. Even if it is something as small as giving you some space to sit, give them a treat. At the same time keep in mind that overfeeding the dog to the point where they throw up will not go down well with your pet. Edible treats aside you can even get them toys to play with. There are many discount pet items for puppies and adult dogs online to choose from.

Walk withThem
More quality time you spend with the dog, the more likely they are to trust you. Volunteer to take the dog for a walk when needed. At first, the dog may not want to go with you if they are not used to being walked by multiple people. But when on a walk the dog is bound to trust you to guide them. They will return home and run straight to their owner. This will reduce once you take them for walks regularly.
Become a Feeder
Along with volunteering to walk the dog, feeding them can be another bonding activity. Before you do take over the responsibility of feeding the dog, be well informed. Do not try to feed the dog something that their owner has not fed them. Always ask about food allergies. If their owner is not aware of any food allergies, simply stick to their regular diets. Also, stick to the portions that the dog is used to. Do not try to be over generous and end up overfeeding.
Space Out
Some dogs are extremely cuddly while others like their own space. Giving them their own space and not trying to invade it makes you less of a threat to them. Leave their crates, beds and sides of furniture alone. Do not try to show off to your SO by forcing cuddles. Let the dog come into your space instead.
Be a Pet Sitter
The ultimate show of trust comes with the opportunity to be a pet sitter. This might be a more labour-intensive task but the rewards can be big. When your significant other needs to keep their dog with someone it might be a case of utmost need. Offer to pet sit and be a hero to your SO and their dog.