Mommy's Favorite Things: 3 Tips for a Safer Driving Experience

Thursday, December 21, 2017

3 Tips for a Safer Driving Experience

Do you remember when you were a teen and had to go about passing the DMV written test to get your driver’s license?

If that seems like such a long time ago, chances are it was.

That said have you been a safe driver over the years?

For many individuals behind the wheel, safe driving has not always been a top priority.

Either due to bad driving habits or a vehicle that should not be out on the road at times, their driving has slipped.

So, if you’re in need of coming up with a safer driving experience, how do you get to that point?

Making Sure Safety Isn’t in the Rear Seat

So that you drive with safety on the mind more times than not, remember these three tips:

1. Driving habits – What driving habits have you picked up over the years since you were a teen? It can be easy to get into bad habits and not ever realize them. If you’ve been doing some choice things while behind the wheel, correct them before it is too late. Everyone thinks they won’t be the one getting into an accident. Before long, they have repairs, potentially higher auto insurance rates, and worse.

2. Driving distractions – From your phone to always running late, you could be in jeopardy. Starting with the cell phone, do not use that phone when your car or truck is in motion. It only takes one second to have a distraction and an accident. Always wait until you are safe and off the road to text or call. In running late, do you try and apply makeup or use an electric razor to beautify yourself on the way somewhere? If so, you put you and others in harm’s way. Either get up a little earlier or do your makeup or other such routines while the vehicle is in a safe parking spot.

3. Vehicle you drive – Last, how safe is that car or truck you head out in each day? Sure, you may have a little low tire pressure or a burned out taillight that you plan to address sooner than later. That said make sure your vehicle doesn’t prove to be an accident waiting to happen. From everyday jaunts to work or shopping or when you go on road trips, your vehicle needs to be ready for all it will face.

Don’t Let Other Drivers Get the Best of You

It is also important that you do not let other drivers ever get the best of you.

An example of this would be when some cuts you off at a high rate of speed. Do you ignore it and go about your way or do you try and chase them down?

If you do the latter, you put you and them in jeopardy. Also don’t forget about all other nearby drivers on the road at the same time.

Although it can be difficult, avoid the temptation of road rage. In the end, road rage never leads to anything positive.

So, will you make sure your future driving experiences are as safe as can be?