Mommy's Favorite Things: Black + Decker Powered Cleaning Scrubbers Review

Monday, November 6, 2017

Black + Decker Powered Cleaning Scrubbers Review

I received samples from Black + Decker for the sole purpose of this review

Black + Decker is a name that households know, and know well. Black + Decker are known mostly for their power tools and lawn and garden items. But did you know they offer home cleaning items as well? Including power scrubbers, upright vacuums, robotic vacuums and more! They are to become a standard household name before too long with their branching out!

I had a chance to try 3 of their powered scrubbers recently. The Grimebuster Pro RechargeableGrimebuster Powered Scrubber and the Scumbuster Rechargeable.

Firs we start with the Grimebuster Pro Rechargeable. This is a full upright cleaner and perfect for pesky dishes, counters, and more where you need that extra scrubbing action. I like that it has an extra long handle perfect for keeping you hands clean. 
It is rechargeable with its own stand that the pro easily attaches to. It has a separate scrubbing pad and is fully submersible to help clean the messiest of messes.

The Scumbuster Pro is perfect for bathrooms. Again it has a charging dock to recharge the device and it comes with 2 scrubbing pads. This has been AMAZING for my shower. I love the dual scrubber pads, the blue one is softer for more delicate surfaces.

Then the Grimebuster Powered scrubber. This one is the smaller version of the full size rechargeable and it takes batteries, but it's perfect for smaller jobs. And this also has the dual cleaning scrubbers. Also fully submersible and I like the non slip handle!

My house is now about 20 years old and things are getting harder to keep clean so these scrubbers have really helped me with caulking and my shower/tub surfaces! These have been a god send and have really helped get my house sparkling clean again!!!

I also use them in my window tracks!!!! Those things were FILTHY, but now they shine thanks to the help of Black + Decker!

Price: Scumbuster $34.99, Full size Grimebuster $29.99, smaller  Grimebuster $14.99. Very reasonable prices!

Overall: ***** I'm very happy with these products and will continue to use!
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Black + Decker in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Back + Decker for allowing me to review this product 


Unknown said...

These look awesome!!! I bet it'd work great for those stubborn spots on glass top tables and wood floors too!