Mommy's Favorite Things: Laundry Made Easier with Energy Star Appliances

Tuesday, October 24, 2017

Laundry Made Easier with Energy Star Appliances

I have been compensated in the form of a Best Buy Gift Card 

Make laundry better with ENERGY STAR® – better for your clothes, better for you and your family, better for the environment.

-Better for You: ENERGY STAR® Washers and Dryers save energy, meaning you'll save money on your bills. Many also have advanced features that make washing and drying even faster.

-Better for the Environment: Saving energy means that ENERGY STAR® washers and dryers help protect the climate, which means the planet will benefit for many more years. 

-Better for your Clothes: ENERGY STAR® washers use a variety of cleaning methods that are more gentle on your clothing, while ENERGY STAR® dryers use less heat and sensor drying which reduces wear and tear on your clothing as well. 

ENERGY STAR® certified washers and dryers are 25% and 20% more effective than the standard competitors. 
Save almost $500 or the lifetime of an ENERGY STAR® washer and even more with a washer/dryer pair. 

I have an ENERGY STAR® certified Washer and Dryer set and I absolutely love them. The washer weighs the load of clothing to determine how much water to use (and it's less than you think you need), it also doesn't have the agitator in the middle, so 1 load is equivalent to 2-3 regular loads in a washer with an agitator. This saves me water, time, and energy washing it all at once.

Check out THIS VIDEO to learn more about ENERGY STAR®  certified Washers and Dryers.
And check out this BEST BUY LINK to learn even more and make a purchase!


Cheryl said...

I would LOVE a new washer and dryer like these. It WOULD make laundry easier.

Unknown said...

I love Energy Star. I am trying to be more eco-conscious and this washer and dryer would be perfect.

Unknown said...

Our dryer was squeaking for weeks, texted PAT Testing Swansea as he advises on his voicemail, he responded, did his homework and was fast, efficient, and fairly priced! He even gave me a quick tip on how to fix my garbage disposal and it worked…..