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Sunday, September 17, 2017

Car Seat Safety Tips

Car Seat Safety Tips

Car seat safety is so important to me. I've always done my due diligence to make sure each of the three kids learned at a young age that they had to sit in their car seats and buckle up before mommy even turned the car on. Now that Avery is in just a seat belt, she always rides in the back and sits correctly in her seat. But I will be the first to admit that car seats are confusing. Trying to figure out which one is best for what age and size makes my head hurt, and then installing it? I sometimes think you need a PHD to get those things in right. If you are struggling with your car seat or trying to figure out what car seat you should buy, there is no better time than now. Child Passenger Safety Week (September 17-23, 2017) starts soon and it is a great time to brush up on car seat safety tips and make sure your child is in the right seat, with the right fit and installation. During Child Passenger Safety Week, more than 1000 events are expected in 45 states across the country to raise awareness for proper car seat installation and usage. The week culminates in “Seat Check Saturday,” where Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians will help parents and caregivers make sure their car seats are installed correctly. In most cases, this service is FREE. Car Seat Safety Tips:
  • Check age and size: Find a car seat that fits your child. As children grow, how they fit in their car seat will change. Make sure the car seat you purchase is designed to fit your child’s current size and age and allows room for growth.
  • Read the manual: Before installing your car seat in your vehicle and putting your child in the car seat, read the manufacturer’s instructions so you know how your car seat works.
  • Test it in your car: Not all car seats fit in all vehicles so test the car seat you plan to buy to make sure it fits correctly in your vehicle.
  • Register it: Register your car seat and booster seat at gov/TheRightSeat so you will be informed if there is a safety recall on your model.
  • Get it checked: Be certain you've installed your car seat correctly by having it checked by a certified child passenger safety technician. Bring the car seat instructions AND the vehicle owner’s manual with you to a car seat inspection appointment!
To make sure you have the right seat for your child, visit, or find a Child Passenger Safety Week event in your area. During Child Passenger Safety Week, many communities will have Certified Child Passenger Safety Technicians on-hand to provide education on how to use car seats, booster seats, and seat belts for children. To find events near you, including free car seat checks, visit *According to 2015 data from the U.S. Department of Transportation’s National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA).


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