Mommy's Favorite Things: Is Enriched Vocabulary Necessary for Assignments? Find Answers Here

Saturday, August 12, 2017

Is Enriched Vocabulary Necessary for Assignments? Find Answers Here

Mastering a wide scope of vocabulary is necessary for excelling in your academic assignments. This post shares the benefits of enriching your vocabulary.

Why is Enhanced Vocabulary Important in your Academic Assignments?
Having a wide and rich vocabulary base is one of the tools you need to boost your writing skills. The reason is that even if you are conversant with all the laws of academic writing, you still need to master the width and depth of the language you use to follow those rules. That is why at, we encourage students to develop their vocabulary base so that they can attain mastery in their various academic writing assignments. In this post, we shall discuss the importance of having a wide language vocabulary not as a tool for showing off, but expressing your ideas.  This way, you will never find yourself on the side of the divide regrettably saying, “Sorry, that is not what I intended to say or I meant to say…”

Better and clearer expression
All communication entails expression. As a student who wants to communicate their ideas well, fully, and clearly, you should master the use of vocabulary. The reason is writing is different from oral communication because with spoken communication, you can use body language and gestures to demonstrate what you are saying. In such a setting, your audience can look at you and guess correctly, what you want to say. But with the written word, you need to use the exact words for your readers to get what you are trying to present to them.
When you master excellent vocabulary, you are in a better position to express your ideas and thoughts without “fumbling.” This way, you give your instructors an easy time in understanding and grading your message.

You get better tools to beat plagiarism
Another benefit of advanced vocabulary mastery is that it will help you to beat the trap of accidental plagiarism. The reason here is that you cannot fill your assignments with direct quotations from other people. With a wide vocabulary at your disposal, you can easily rewrite the essence of what the author was putting across. Also, by rewriting other people’s original ideas in your own words, you prove to your professors that you understand the message other authors are conveying without needing to “parrot” their writings.

You create a good impression of yourself
What would you think about a student who presents you with an assignment that is shoddily written, not because they lack the right ideas, but rather, they lack the right words to present them? If you were the instructor, you will not hold them in high regard as far as excellent written presentation goes. Likewise, that is how your tutors will view you if you fail to communicate your ideas well because you lack words.

You avoid redundancy and repetition
Another reason for mastering a broad scope of vocabulary is that it helps you to avoid repetition. Have you ever read a piece of writing where the same word is repeated as though it was a keyword? Nothing will turn off your readers faster than repetition hence you need a wider vocabulary to avoid repetition.

It allows you to adapt your language to your target audience
Lastly, you need to develop your vocabulary so that you can adapt your message to different audiences. If you are versed with a certain level of language, you may find it difficult communicating to some audience. A strong vocabulary will help you to lower or raise the bar as per the understanding level of your readers.

Final thoughts
With the above benefits cemented in your mind, you can now see the need to enrich your vocabulary. By so doing, you will make it easier for you to write and for your readers to read your writings.