Mommy's Favorite Things: Get the Most out of Your Next National Park Adventure With These Three Tips

Tuesday, August 1, 2017

Get the Most out of Your Next National Park Adventure With These Three Tips

Both the documentary filmmaker Ken Burns and the historian Wallace Stegner agree that the National Park Service was, and continues to be, America’s best idea. Not only do our national parks preserve the important natural history of our great country, they are completely democratic. They provide families with access to this country’s natural wonders, no matter what your economic status.
They’re a true treasure that each and every one of our families can benefit from simply by hopping in the car and visiting one of these great parks. Just make sure you get the most out of your family trip by following these three tips.

Start With an Electronic Tour

In honor of the National Park Service’s 100th year, which they celebrated in 2016, Google has created digital tours of five of the most stunning national parks across the country. You can tour:
  • ·    Alaska's Kenai Fjords
  • ·    Hawai'i's Volcanoes
  • ·    New Mexico's Carlsbad Caverns
  • ·    Utah’s Bryce Canyon
  • ·    Florida's Dry Tortugas

These interactive tours allow you to kayak through icebergs, fly over an active volcano, and dive through a shipwreck without leaving your own home. The tours are a great way for you to decide which park to visit. They’re also a great way to get kids excited for the trip before you even start packing.

Go for Free

Whether you choose one of the parks on Google’s digital tour or you choose one of the other 412 nationally designated sites, you’re sure to have an unforgettable experience. Make that experience even more worthwhile by taking Outdoorsy’s advice and visit one of our national parks for free.
The National Park Service wants you to come and visit, which means they’re willing to eliminate any barriers that may keep you from one of their parks. In 2017, there are 10 scheduled free park days that take place between April and November.
Because you can visit any national park for free, you can definitely take us up on our next piece of advice.

Visit More Than One

Did you know that there’s at least one nationally designated landmark in each state? Although it’s true that popular parks, like the Grand Canyon, are worth a lengthy trip, you don’t have to go far to explore everything the National Park Service has to offer.
Stay close to home and visit a few national parks in your area. Or, embark on a great American road trip and plan a route that will enable you to visit a few national parks along your designated route.
Finding a national park is easy. You can find a park by state. Then simply map out your route so that your travels take you through as many national parks and monuments as possible.
Visiting a national park has a way of bringing a family closer together as it simultaneously pulls you into nature. Whether you choose to visit one park near your home or you plan to visit many across the country, by following these tips, you’ll ensure that you get the very most out of your adventure.