Mommy's Favorite Things: What's in my Diaper Bag with Beech-Nut

Thursday, June 1, 2017

What's in my Diaper Bag with Beech-Nut

I received samples from Beech-Nut for the sole purpose of this review

Written by my co-writer Stacy!

Beech-Nut asked me "What's in your diaper bag?". So here is what's in my diaper bag after a trip to town, minus the used diaper and dirty bottles.

1. Ju-ju-be Be Organized packing cubes: I use the large one for a change of clothes for Cruz (age 3) and the medium for Abel (6 months). The small one has odds and ends like boogie wipes and a bandaid.

2. Diapers for both kids and wipes! I long for the day I stop packing diapers for Cruz, but at this point he's hanging onto diapers with both heels digging into the ground. I'm guessing it's his way of competing with Abel without him really knowing he's doing it.. I use whatever diapers and wipes are on sale most of the time, but I'm really loving Target Up&Up fresh cucumber wipes, they smell amazing. Today's diapers are Babyganics for Abel, Huggies for Cruz, and a couple Honest company that can fit either kiddo if I run out.

3. Chewy the hippo from Cheeky Chompers is always with us! Abel loves that teething toy more than any other, so he's in the car seat in the car, then in the diaper bag to go around town with us.

4. My Rosk sun blanket is shoved (I mean folded with care!) all the way in the bottom of my bag. I like having this along for an impromptu nursing cover (we just weaned though :( ), tummy time spot, and of course it's purpose for sun protection. I'm near Seattle so it gets used as a regular blanket mostly.. lets be honest.

5. Formula and bottles: Abel just had to wean for allergies so now I need to remember more stuff! We use Dr. Browns bottles since they help him with gas, and I use a formula dispenser in the bag. I keep a can of formula and extra bottles in my car at all times for when I leave the diaper bag at home.. I do this at least once a month on accident. Today's bottle was already used so not in the photo.

6. Sippy cup for Cruz: He cons me into spending a small fortune on throw away cups that come with juice in them. Target keeps them right by the doors... they know.

7. Snacks for both kids: Abel is loving the Beech-Nut Fruit & Veggie Melties! They say stage 3, but he does better with these than he does spooned food. I always try to have a pouch of something dairy and soy free for him for if we go out to eat. Beech-Nut has Organic Multigrain Baby Cereal in a pouch, where was this 11 years ago? Saves so much time! The diaper bag is also stocked with Beech-Nut Quinoa Crispies bars that I like to sneak as well! My husband ate a whole box of these out of the pantry thinking they were mine.. he couldn't figure out why they were so small! Beech-Nut provides nutritious snacks with simple ingredients you can trust.

8. My purse: since my diaper bag from Kalencom looks like a purse already (I get tons of compliments of it, the style name is New York) I use a Ju-ju-be BeQuick to hold my wallet and personal items. I can clip it to the stroller if I don't take my bag into the store with me, and it can fit a diaper and wipes as well. Plus I like that it's washable!

*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Beech-Nut in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Beech-Nut for allowing me to review this product