Mommy's Favorite Things: How Derma Roller Therapy is a Skincare

Monday, May 22, 2017

How Derma Roller Therapy is a Skincare

When trying to care for your skin, you've heard a lot of hype about so many different kinds of skincare treatments available. From lasers to skin peels to radio-frequency, you may think you've heard them all. Each one promises to improve the overall appearance of your skin at an “affordable” price. Before making an appointment for one of the other treatments, consider one more. If you haven't heard about what the Derma Roller can do for you, then it's time to take a closer look.

How Derma Rollers Work
Derma Rollers are manual devices used to deliver the micro-needling procedure. This method involves rolling tiny medical grade needles across the skin's surface and applying light pressure. The needles open micro channels down to the deeper layer of skin where healing collagen and elastins are stimulated. While the channels close within about an hour, the micro wounds will begin healing over time.

Home Versus Professional Treatments
Derma Rollers can be purchased for personal use at home, or one can go to a clinic for a microneedling treatment. Does that mean they are the same treatment? The answer is no. Derma Rollers sold for home use have shorter needles and are not meant to pierce deep into the skin. Only a clinic with staff trained to use micro-needling devices safely should provide the more intense treatments. Cellulite reduction, for instance, requires deeper penetration and used improperly, can harm your skin instead of improving it. Clinics also use gamma sterilization to clean the devices of bacteria.

Understanding how to safely use the manual device is crucial to using it properly. Learning to clean and sterilize the Derma Roller before and after each use is part of it. Carefully following all instructions  and not overusing it will set you up for success for at home treatments.

Derma Roller Costs
If you've ever had a treatment in a cosmetic clinic, then you are already aware of the hefty price of professional help. Many methods cost upwards of several thousand dollars, leaving your wallet bereft of money. Although you may need a Laser Machine treatment for certain procedures such as laser hair removal, for milder skincare issues, it would be far less costly to try Derma Rollers first.

What Derma Rollers Treat
To even consider using a Derma Roller, you need to know what skincare issues it works on. Here are some of the many skin conditions for which a Derma Roller may be used:

·    Stimulates blood flow to the skin
·    Reduces fine lines, crows feet, and wrinkles
·    Reduces stretch marks
·    Reduces cellulite
·    Decreases large pores
·    Reduces scars with pitting
·    Slows or reverses hair loss when used in conjunction with hair formulas like Minoxidil 5%

Who Can Have Derma Roller Treatments?
While anyone can seek micro-needling procedures, there are times to avoid them. You should never have a treatment where there are any skin irritations, breakouts such as acne, or cuts. Skin irritations and cuts can lead to infections. If you are having a breakout, using the Derma Roller over the affected area will likely spread the bacteria even worse.

Although someone with oily skin or dark skin tones really needs to avoid many laser treatments that can burn them, they don't have that same concern with micro-needling.


Melissa Storms said...

I have read a few articles about this treatment. I do think I would want to at least start out with a professional treatment to see if it would work well for me. Thank you for the info.