Mommy's Favorite Things: Is it Time for a Family Road Trip

Wednesday, April 26, 2017

Is it Time for a Family Road Trip

If the coming months sounds like a great time for a family road trip, will you have everything planned out?

For countless families, summertime is the typical period of the year to get away from it all.

With the children out of school, parents can focus on getting away from the daily grind. This provides some quality family time together.

It is important that any road trips have a high focus on safety, especially when being out on the nation’s highways.

Although one can never say with 100 percent they won’t be in a vehicle accident, they can lessen the chances.

So, are you ready to put the wheels in motion for a
great family road trip or two real soon?

Never Overlook Safety Needs

For your family to have the time of its life on your next trip, remember a few important pointers:

· Where you going? Be sure to map out where your adventures will take you. Although some trips can be on a whim, they usually work better when concrete plans are in place.

· What are you driving? It is very important you have a safe and reliable vehicle for every trip. Go over all your vehicle’s maintenance needs before leaving your driveway. Make sure to check items like fluid levels, tires, brakes and more. The last thing you want is to break down or have an accident due to maintenance issues.

· What technology will be with you? The technology in your vehicle is as important as its maintenance needs. If traveling in a camper, a backup camera for your RV is quite useful. It will decrease the chances of an accident with another vehicle or pedestrian. Also be sure to have at least one working cell phone on the trip.

· Where is the nearest medical facility? – In mapping out your road trip, be sure to account for urgent care facilities and hospital along the way. You never know when a medical emergency can occur, so prepare nonetheless.

Don’t Let Costs Get You Down

If there is one down side in traveling for many families it is the costs to do so.
If like many families, you are watching what you spend everywhere these days.

With increased cost of living expenses, it can be difficult to even get away for a short vacation often.

So that you do not obsess over money in planning and taking your trip, look at the following:

· Drive or fly? – If you are planning on being out on the road far from home, would it be better to fly the family to your destination/s? Although airline tickets can be expensive, driving long distances can add up too. Weigh the pros/cons of flying versus driving to see which is the better deal?

· Hotel expenses – For many, having a place to put their heads on a comfortable pillow each night is enough. You do not have to go for the most expensive hotels/resorts on each trip. Also look at including weeknights in your plans. They are cheaper than staying weekends at most places.

· Dining – While not taking peanut butter and jelly sandwiches for each meal, you can scale back dining costs 
on the road. You can plan on a nice night or two out for a family meal, while getting fast food etc. on other occasions.

Family road trips provide great bonding times and many memories.

If the time has come for your family to hit the road, what are you waiting for?