Mommy's Favorite Things: 3 Tips for a Great Wedding Experience

Friday, April 14, 2017

3 Tips for a Great Wedding Experience

As the mother of a young woman, you obviously only want what is best for her as she goes from living under your roof to hopefully meeting the man of her dreams, perhaps starting a family of her own.

With that in mind, moms at times have to walk a tightrope as their daughters go from early 20’s to being in love.

As part of that process, there will more times than not be both an engagement and ultimately a wedding.

Given those natural procession steps, many moms will be called upon for advice from the young lady or ladies in their lives. As such, it can be a bit of a challenge on what to say and what to hold inside.

When you find yourself in such a position, do you tell your daughter what you really think about not only her engagement, but ultimately the biggest day of her life, the wedding day?

Being a Caring and Understanding Mom

In order for your daughter’s wedding experience to have the best chances of coming off without any major hitches, remember these three tips:

1.     Planning

If your daughter met the right guy, he’s doing all he can to help her with planning the big day.

Sure, most women love the challenge of arranging their wedding day, but the reality is that such planning can become a little overwhelming at times. As a result, the tension can creep up a few notches, leaving the bride-to-be with raised blood pressure levels.

When you’re the mom of a bride-to-be, there is absolutely nothing wrong with encouraging her to have the groom-to-be as involved as possible with wedding planning.

Remember, your future son-in-law more than likely did a fine job when it came to looking at the right moissanite engagement rings, ultimately picking one that both your daughter and he liked. As such, he should be more than capable of providing input and assistance to what will be his wedding day too.

As the mom, be sure to be there with any advice and comfort you can offer, but don’t overstep your bounds to the point where you become a nuisance.

2.     Costs

Given the bride’s family oftentimes pays for a sizable portion of the wedding day, though that is not written in stone, it is important for money not to come up as a tension point.

As an example, look around at some weddings both you and your daughter have attended in recent years. Did any of those couples scale things back in order to not break the bank come wedding day?

If your daughter and soon-to-be son-in-law are looking to trim some fat off of the wedding plans, here are some options:

·    Scaling down the guest list
·    Opting for a buffet meal instead of it being personally served
·    Having a family member or friend who sings or is a DJ provide the entertainment
·    Using your backyard or even a local park or beach as the wedding setting, avoiding the costs of renting a church.
·    Having family cars and SUVs as part of the wedding procession instead of renting limos.

As for the honeymoon plans, it is typically best for you to leave that up to the bride and groom.

Sure, if they ask your opinion, don’t be afraid to give it. That said the honeymoon is an experience that the special couple should decide what best fits their wishes and of course their budget.

3.     Celebration

Finally, even though some tears are going to flow the day your daughter ties the knot, remember to look at it as a major celebration in her life and in yours.

After raising her all of these years, the time has come for her to start a new chapter in her life.

Before you know it, you might one day be chasing after a grandchild, so enjoy the time now and what is likely to come.

As a mom, what advice would you have for your daughter as she prepares for this life-changing time?