Mommy's Favorite Things: Shnuggle Bath Review

Wednesday, March 22, 2017

Shnuggle Bath Review

I received a Shnuggle Bath from Shnuggle for the sole purpose of this review

This review was done by my co-writer Stacy!

Shnuggle is cleverly designed baby products, from Baby Baths to Bassinets and Blankets, Shnuggle has thought of it all.

The Shnuggle arrived just in time for Abel to turn 4months. I was immediately impressed with its sleek look! It doesn't look out of place in my bathroom and it doesn't take a ton of space.

The Shnuggle says it's usable from birth but personally I think 4 months was a perfect time to start using it. Abel still needed one hand available for support, and any younger I think it would just be too hard to get a squeaky clean baby at that angle.

The Shnuggle only takes a small amount of water and the water is all down below their waist so that's what sets it apart from other tubs. In the traditional baby tub their face is just inches from the water and a constant risk for submersion with one wrong move, the Shnuggle solves this issue! You of course still need to have a hand on them, but they are not hovering with water touching their ears.

The base of the Shnuggle has a small footprint so it fits in many sinks. It's not recommended to have on a counter top, but it's quite comfortable to sit with it on the ground between your legs. Not only does the Shnuggle look nice, it's durable.

Cruz (my 3 year old) thought it was a new toy and spent the better half of a day hauling it around. He sat in it, and put his trucks in it. Not even a scuff to be seen!

Price: The Shnuggle bath is $34.79 on Amazon (affiliate link)

Overall: ***** It's comfortable for baby and easy to use! I will get lots of use out of this until he's ready to use the full size bath tub.
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Shnuggle in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Shnuggle for allowing me to review this product