Mommy's Favorite Things: Create Trending Haircuts with Donald Scott NYC Tools

Friday, March 17, 2017

Create Trending Haircuts with Donald Scott NYC Tools

Today's trending cuts are all about layers and textures. Perhaps HD and 3D movies inspired the idea to combine both elements for an eye-grabbing look. Both men and women are heading to stylists asking for these designs.

Trending Men's Haircuts
  • Long sculpted layers
  • Fringed pixie
  • Textured bob
  • Beveled lob
  • Long top with side fade
  • Gatsby slick-back
  • Layers of shaggy curls
  • Shaved sides with pompadour top

How to Create the Hottest Haircuts
If you want to attract trend seekers, you need the right tools to create an amazing cut each time. Maintaining layers and a sculpted full look requires tools that can quickly and easily yield a smooth and tapered look but never a choppy one. If you do not see Donald Scott NYC razor hair cutting tools in your collection, you need to put them there. These are some essential tools and their useful functions:

Swivel Twist

For easy maneuverability, this razor comb swivels to provide the smoothest layers possible regardless of hair length. However, it is ideal for pinch and tease carving with shorter cuts such as pixies, side fades and shaved designing. The comb is also great for surface channeling. Its unique design ensures that it does not take off too much hair at once. This is a must-have comb whether you plan to make point cuts or sculpt a voluminous tapered pixie.

Carving Comb

Donald Scott NYC carving combs are available in fine or wide variations. For fine to medium hair, the fine carving comb is a great choice. This tool works well for sculpting and reducing bulk, which makes it a superb go-to for shaping voluminous hair. For the textured messy looks that are so common today, you will need a tool like this along with the right styling products to get the desired look. The wide version of the comb is also good for shaping and layering long locks.

Chop Stik Pro Razor

With its 11 blades and impressive precision, this tool is useful for creating just about any style. It can be used for thinning, cutting and finishing. You can sculpt the latest looks for men or women, and there is a tapered end that allows for easy sectioning or weaving.

DS/X4 Razor

The perfect finishing razor for any modern style has arrived. With this tool's unique design, you can create the perfect side fade or make defined edges along the ears, neck and sides of the face. The ergonomic grip makes it easy to maneuver, and the guard ensures that it keeps your customers safe from cuts.

Groom Stik Pro Trimmer

You can customize your cutting techniques with the movable teeth and adjustable guard on this slim tool. It is also lightweight and compact for easy portability. From sculpting a fade to creating an eye-grabbing facial hair design, this tool is a necessity for every modern stylist.

Donald Scott NYC tools are made from lightweight but quality materials including zinc alloy, aluminum and heat-resistant housing materials. This ensures that any contact with heated styling tools will not distort the blade housing. Replacement blades are also available and remain sharp after many uses. Always use Donald Scott NYC razor styling tools with Prepare Liquid Tool Glide, which is also available on the company's main site. If you are trying to build your name, learn how Donald Scott NYC tools can help you achieve your goal.