Mommy's Favorite Things: Moms Can’t Afford to Let Pain Halt Them in Their Tracks

Wednesday, February 22, 2017

Moms Can’t Afford to Let Pain Halt Them in Their Tracks

Ask countless mothers out there what really gets on their nerves.

For a fair number of them, it isn’t the standard answer of my kids that you might think of. It also doesn’t center on having to run a home and hold another job outside the home. You can also bypass the idea that most of them would say their mother-in-law.

No, one of the things that will really grind on a mom’s nerves (literally and figuratively) is dealing with chronic pain.

Whether it is the result of a workplace injury, being injured doing work around the house, maybe even lifting their children the wrong way, the pain can be unbearable.

Making matters worse for many moms, there is no real timeout to be called when raising a family. Even with a supportive spouse by their sides, many moms just keep going and going.
In the event you find yourself in such a predicament, is there hope, both on a physical and mental level?

Seek the Right Form of Pain Treatment
So that you can deal with the chronic pain as best as possible, remember a few key pointers:

·    Seek the right help – No offense to your family physician, but he or she is not always the best qualified to assist you in fighting chronic pain. This is where a pain relief treatment center comes in handy. Such a center can be just the ticket you were looking for, giving you for once true hope in your life of putting pain in its place. In searching for the right facility, be sure to do your homework. This begins with asking friends and/or outside family members who’ve been down this road before with serious chronic pain. Where did they go for help? Did the help ultimately prove to be what they needed? Was the patient service at the facility they went to outstanding? Knowing more about a center before you settle on one will certainly get you off on the right foot;

·    Parenting decisions – Look, being a mom encompasses lots of different responsibilities. That said how you go about those choices does in fact have an impact on your physical and mental well-being. While your children are your top priority nine times out of 10, don’t allow that notion to mean neglecting you. Make sure you take some breaks from parenting, giving you the opportunity physically and mentally to recharge your battery. Finally, if your partner is dropping the ball when it comes to the parenting side of things, sit down and talk with them. In a nice way, tell them you need more from them when it comes to the children. For many relationships, that conversation can be a tad delicate, but it can also have many benefits to it over time.

Are You as Active as You Can Be with Exercise and Diet?
·    Lifestyle choices – Finally, are you as active as you should be when it comes to your lifestyle choices? Such choices of course would include diet and exercise. Now, there’s a good chance you get plenty of exercise with a child or children around the house, but what about exercise where you get to choose what you do? Going to the gym, strolling outside for a long walk, maybe taking a hike in the woods, even a long jog through the neighborhood. Not only are all of those (and other) forms of exercise good for you, but they oftentimes give you a chance to clear your mind from the everyday tasks at hand. As for diet, do you do the best possible to eat healthy meals and snacks as often as possible? If not, you could be contributing to your chronic pain issues. Allowing you to get too overweight can put strain on body parts like your back, legs, ankles etc. Do your best to not only eat and drink healthy, but also keep your body as fit as possible. Lastly, make sure you get regular physicals to check for any unforeseen problems.

When you have the rest of your family willing to pitch in and help you through the day, there’s a good chance chronic pain won’t halt you in your tracks.
If it has been doing that, seek help today for a better tomorrow.