Mommy's Favorite Things: Making a Lifetime of Family Memories

Sunday, January 22, 2017

Making a Lifetime of Family Memories

For millions of mothers across America, making a lifetime of memories for their families is a dream come true.
Even when there are some bad memories mixed in with all the good stuff, moms love to chronicle their family lives. From the baby’s first steps to when they eventually find the love of their life and wed, there are countless opportunities to record those precious moments.
That said mom shouldn’t be the only one looking to record all of these great times (and possibly a few not so great times) for the family.
Whether it is dad owning one of those qualityPolaroid cameras, perhaps the kids with their cell phones that they can’t ever seem to put down, or even the grandparents with a video camera, record those important moments in life.
With that being the case, will you and your family make a lifetime of memories?

What Should You Record?

So that you do not one day look back and wish you would have recorded countless memories, remember these special times:

·    Early moments – What’s more precious than your baby’s first cries or steps? Do you remember the first words that came out of your little one’s mouth? While most moms are pretty good about recording these moments, they will at times get caught up in the moment, forgetting to bring the camera or video-recorder along. By not having one or both items handy, those moments are usually lost forever. If you’re a little on the adventurous side, you might want to filmyour baby’s birth. If you opt to do so, make sure you check with the hospital (or whatever facility you might be giving birth in) first to make sure there are no rules against such filming. Above all else, keep it as respectful as possible, especially if you plan for family and/or friends to view it at some point;

·    First few years – Once your baby is up and walking around, he or she can pretty much get into anything at any given time. That said most of those moments will be relatively entertaining (assuming they do not break anything and/or injure themselves). If you have an animal or animals in the house, your baby’s first few years with them can be priceless memories to capture. Whether playing or sleeping together, babies and animals can have one of the most unique bonds possible.

Off to School

·    Leaving the house – Ask just about any mom and she will tell you that first day of separation with theirlittle one when they go off to school can be more taxing on her than the child. Record those memories from what they’re wearing to when they first step on the school bus or enter the door to school. Given how fast kids grow up these days, you will look back one day with fondness of how cute your little one was, even if it seems like the time went by in the blink of an eye;

·    Teen years – If you think today’s teens grow up faster than you did back in the day, you are likely correct. Before you know it, your child or children will go from their first steps to their first time behind the wheel of your vehicle. Along with that will come their first “true” loves, participating in school activities, thinking about where they want to go to college, and much more. Although today’s kids mostly use their cell phones for recording all of these wonderful moments in life, some still like the look and feel of a more traditional camera. For those in that group, you may even want to buy them a camera or possiblya video camera as a graduation gift in high school or college;

·    Moving on out – The day will eventually come when your child decides he or she is ready to explore the world beyond college. They may even come home one day with news that they have in fact found the love of their life, meaning a possible engagement and even wedding is in the offing. Recording these important times in life is not only fun for you, but also for them. They can one day show their child or children pictures of when they first met, when he officially proposed to mom, and when they tied the knot.

As you can see, there are many moments in life that you don’t want to have go by unrecorded.
With the right camera and/or video camera, you can picture many memories to share for a lifetime.