Mommy's Favorite Things: 3 Cheap Ways to Protect your Home While Traveling

Tuesday, January 17, 2017

3 Cheap Ways to Protect your Home While Traveling

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I love to experience new places with my family. From the charming towns of Michigan, to the excitement of Orlando, or even a quick getaway just to test a car, there's nothing like a trip to build memories. But leaving the house means leaving things unprotected. So how do you keep your home safe while traveling without spending too much money?

Inexpensive Home Security Systems

The most obvious way to protect your home while traveling is by using a home security system, but some of them can cost thousands upfront plus $50 or more per month. SimpliSafe is much more affordable. First of all, you can get an equipment package for under $200. Second, monitoring starts at $14.99 per month. Third, you can choose to have them monitor your home on a month-to-month basis, so you aren't paying for home security while you're home. Using sensors, SimpliSafe will watch your home while you're away. Depending on the sensors you choose, it can potentially let you know if someone opens a door, is walking around your living room, if there's leak or flooding in your home, or even if there's a fire.

Home Security Cameras 

Home Security Cameras used to be intimidating. I'm sure you remember when they were hard to setup and required wiring skills. Like everything else in the world, home security cameras have advanced with technology. Most cameras take under five minutes to setup and only require an internet connection. One of my favorites is Piper. It's slightly costly upfront at $280, but it does more than spy on your home. It includes a free mobile app, and you can use it to watch your home live from anywhere. From the app, you can also view recorded moments, because who has time to watch their home while they're trying to have fun? The camera can also see at night and includes a siren that will trigger if it detects anything fishy. I also like that Piper provides additional protection through temperature and humidity sensors.

Video Doorbell 

I actually saw this one on a commercial - Ring Video Doorbell. It works like a home security camera in that it has an app and you can check on your home from anywhere. Ring also monitors for doorbell rings. If someone rings your doorbell, you can see them and talk to them no matter where you are using the included app. I also love that my husband could make it appear like he's home, even when he's not, by talking to people through the mobile app. Ring sells for $199. So what do you think? Do you use technology to watch your home while you're on vacation?