Mommy's Favorite Things: Clean your Baby Naturally with WaterWipes at Walgreens #IC

Sunday, September 25, 2016

Clean your Baby Naturally with WaterWipes at Walgreens #IC

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Bringing a new baby into the world is an exciting yet scary time. Especially these days with chemical filled items tailored for our babies. Why would we want to put all those chemicals on our baby's skin? WaterWipes changes everything. They are chemical free and are 99.9% water and just 0.1% grapefruit seed extract. 

Some of you may be wondering how a water based wipe can clean your baby, but these wipes do a perfect job of cleaning and, in my opinion, work just as well as other, chemical laden products. They do a wonderful job of cleaning up babies. And I like them the most for faces!! Babies/toddlers lick their faces a lot and after wiping them, you want to know that what they're ingesting is safe! WaterWipes to the rescue!

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All those chemical filled wipes burn a baby's poor bottom too, especially when they have a rash. Have you ever put alcohol on a wound? Burns right? Switch to WaterWipes!! All natural and won't burn their poor sensitive skin!

Since they are all natural and don't contain preservatives, the wipes are good for 15 months unopened. Once opened WaterWipes recommends you use within 1 month. The wipes also aren't interfolded, which you might be used to, but this is to allow for the sterile environment they have and they also don't recommend you switch wipe containers when using WaterWipes. To help keep them sterile.

The wipes worked perfectly for me. They are great for cleaning up faces and hands, and perfect for diaper changes. Normally I use 3 wipes for your standard diaper change, with WaterWipes I use 1-2! So I use less, they get the job done and are unscented so they don't burn my nose! I'm ready to make the switch, are you?

Head to Walgreens and grab a package today.

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Kenner said...

Ooh, that sounds perfect for wiping off hands! My little one sucks his thumb so I hate wiping him down with perfumed wipes only for him to immediately put them in his mouth (even the unscented ones seem like there is still going to be something gnarly ending up in his mouth!)