Mommy's Favorite Things: Taylor's Natural Review

Monday, August 1, 2016

Taylor's Natural Review

I received a sample from Taylor's Natural for the sole purpose of this review

I have worked with BALM! Baby before and knowing the quality of those products I was excited to worth with Taylor's Natural as a whole. They own the BALM! line as well as a few other lines, so I was excited to get to try out some different products from them.

All Taylor's Natural Items are handmade in the USA (Hawaii specifically)

I was able to receive and try out the Soap in Orange, the Kona Coffee Butter in Mint, Pits Stick Sensitive in Vanilla Grapefruit and the BALM! Baby Sun sunscreen!

 The Coffee Butter came wrapped up so it didn't leak everywhere. I still noticed some 'grease' on the item itself as well as in the box, but nothing was damaged and all was well once I unwrapped it and rinsed off the container. 

This smells AMAZING!!! It uses real coffee with hawaiian oils and healing butters. Plus it smells like mint!
Coffee reduces wrinkles and dark circles and helps tighten skin. This Mint Butter heals, exfoliates and nourishes your skin, it's not greasy and is vegan.

 The Soap is blended with macadamia and coconut oils and this soap is ALL PURPOSE! Meaning, it's not just for your hands and body, it's good for washing dishes, cleaning counters, laundry and more!

Stored in a glass bottle, this is perfect for reducing waste and reusing!
Mine did not come with a pump, but I mixed it with water and poured into an existing soap bottle I have. But you can have the option of adding a pump.

This soap was VERY hard to first open, but I used my good ole trick of a shelf liner to grip it and get it open!
The Soap comes in 7 different scents.

 The Pits Stick is awesome! I opted for the Super Sensitive option since my armpits are sensitive to baking soda and get torn up with other natural deodorants. However, this one is AMAZING!! It doesn't tear me up at all, and it smells amazing!

I like that it's a stick as opposed to a cream I need to rub on, I like that I can apply like regular deodorant and not have to worry about touching it. This has hawaiian oils, shea butter and essential oils.

Lastly is the BALM! Baby Sunscreen! I love that this is face and lip safe, since it's all natural ingredients you don't have to worry about baby ingesting or getting chemicals on their thin and sensitive skin. PLus it's rated a 1 on the EWG website, which is the safest sunscreen you can use. I love that even though it's meant for babies it can easily be used for children and adults as well. Perfect for those with sensitive skin.

Stored in a glass jar, perfect for reusing again. I love this about Taylor's products. We can reuse the containers for whatever we see fit!

Overall I'm in love with Taylor's products and will continue to buy them. They've made a customer out of me. I especially love the soap. I use it for my hands and also in the shower and it cleans everything from head to toe!

Price: The Sunscreen is $11.99 for a 2oz tub, 8oz The Soap is $9.95, but it goes a long way.

Overall: ***** hands down!!
*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Taylor's Natural in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Taylor's Natural for allowing me to review this product 


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