Mommy's Favorite Things: Keto Diet, Week 2 Results

Wednesday, July 20, 2016

Keto Diet, Week 2 Results

Week 2 of the Keto Diet is finished!
Week 1 was posted here with information on the Diet itself. 

This week I tried to be a little more strict and lowered my calories and protein, upped my fat and tried to lower my carbs from 35 to 30-35.

Goal was 120g of protein and fat and 30-35g of carbs all at 1700 calories.

Here's how I did. 
Beginning of Diet Weight: 152.2
End of week 1 Weight: 149.6

Day 1/8:
117g of protein, 36g of net carbs, 107g of fat

Day 2/9:
107g of protein, 25g of net carbs, 112g of fat

Day 3/10:
130g of protein, 33g of net carbs, 117g of fat

Day 4/11:
118g of protein, 35g of net carbs, 119g of fat

Day 5/12: 
124g of protein, 35g of net carbs, 99g of fat

Day 6/13:
122g of protein, 34g of net carbs, 102g of fat

Day 7/14:
111g of protein, 36g of carb, 90g of fat

Overall the carb cravings have completely subsided. Sometimes I want a little treat or snack, but I find reaching for cheese and almonds curbs the cravings without issue. I always read before if you're craving sweets, eat protein and it seems to be working for now. 

Final weight: 150.6
YES, I did 'gain' a pound this week, but I'm still down 1.6 pounds in 2 weeks. At this point I know it's not all just water weight and I HAVE actually lost weight. Plus losing .5-1 lb a week is healthy, so I'm extremely happy with my weight loss thus far. 

My friend who has completed her nutrition classes has me on a new 'diet' (more of a lifestyle change) and has seriously upped my protein and given me a few more carbs so I won't be posting about this anymore, but will update with pics/weight loss every couple months or so. 


JewelWood said...

I hope you continued success and this sounds like a great way to lose weight! I need to lose weight, but I have not had any success.