Mommy's Favorite Things: What I think of THINX & Giveaway

Wednesday, June 1, 2016

What I think of THINX & Giveaway

I received items from THINX for the sole purpose of this review

I'll admit it, I've seen THINX for about a year now, but the idea really scared me for some reason. I'm not sure why as I've been using reusable pads and a cup for around 5 years now. The thought of Period Underwear was just a new concept for me. I even said to myself at one point (or more than one) "I'll never try those, how weird." and yet, here I am. The curiosity got the best of me and I reached out to them. 

I settled on trying the Sport and Thong for the light days
I wanted to try the Hiphugger but they were sold out.

So you may be wondering, "What are THINX?" They are underwear that come in 6 different styles, they have an absorbent inner to absorb your cycle. They do NOT feel wet when you're wearing them and they absolutely replace the need for tampons and pads. 
They are moisture wicking, anti microbial with an invisible silver lining (see, there is a silver lining to your period!), absorbent and leak resistant. Sounds too good to be true right? 

So I put them through the full test. I wore the sport on my heaviest day of my cycle (Sport can hold up to 1.5 tampons) and it lasted all day for me with no issues. I felt dry the entire time, they felt like regular underwear. I didn't feel like I was wearing a diaper and I LOVE the coverage that they offer in the absorbent layer. And I didn't have any leaks. By this point I was already a convert. I was totally amazed.

These are the sport.
 The absorbent layer is really large as you can see here. 

The Thong I chose to wear on my very last day, when you just need a little something, but don't want to wear a full pad or tampon. It can hold up to 1/2 a tampon so it's really just there for those super light days.
Very pretty lacey!
 Still a large absorbent area length wise.

Overall I was extremely impressed. I never thought these would work as well as they did. On my heaviest day I don't like to go without a cup, I hate wearing a cloth pad all day and feel like I change it a few times because I feel wet. But these Sport underwear worked perfectly and I didn't feel wet at all. 

These really have changed my life and I will definitely be buying more. I'd like to buy a hiphugger (holds up to 2 tampons), and I'd like to get a boyshort or cheeky which hold up to 1 tampon. That way I'd have a few different pair with a few different absorbencies. 
I also love these for that idea of not knowing when your period will start, so throw on a pair before you leave the house JUST IN CASE!

They are easy to care for as well. Rinse them out as soon as you take them off in cold water. Cold wash (NO SOFTENER), hang dry!

THINX also has a sister company Icon and they are for those who leak. Perfect for mothers. Similar to THINX, they are Pee-Proof and Odor Free. Each pair holds up to 5 teaspoons.

Price: THINX are $24-$38 each depending on style. Thong is $24, the Sport is $32. Icon comes in 2 styles are are $30-$34. 

Overall: A HUGE ***** for THINX. I'm in love!

*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from THINX in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to THINX for allowing me to review this product and for offering a giveaway


Julie Lynn Bickham said...

I learned that the entire inner lining is treated with an anti-microbial application of silver, which becomes embedded within the fibers and fights bacteria.

justwin4once said...

I love that there are different levels of absorbancy to pick from.

Amanda said...

I learned that they are anti-microbial.

ColleenMarie82 said...

I love new products.

Paol Trenny said...


Valenda said...

I love that thinx supports afripads and donates with every order. Thanks for the great post, as I only learned about these a week ago.

jtwark said...

I like Anti-microbial

Fights bacteria with an invisible silver treatment.


Leela said...

They are moisture-wicking.

laurasloves said...

I learned that it holds up to two tampon's worth of liquid.
Laurie Emerson
lauraemerson17 at yahoo dot com

Unknown said...

Our award-winning, patented technology
keeps you clean, dry, and, as always, lookin’ fly is something that i learned !