Mommy's Favorite Things: Lazy Man's Pierogies Recipe- Slow Cooker!!

Wednesday, December 30, 2015

Lazy Man's Pierogies Recipe- Slow Cooker!!

This is a recipe that I grew up with! My mom made this all the time and I've made it quite a few times, but haven't made it in a while. Yesterday we made it and we devoured it (as usual) so I decided to put it on the blog!

Lazy Man's Pierogies!

-Box pasta of your choice, we use egg noodles or rotini
-32oz jar of sauerkraut
-Fully Cooked Sausage Link
-Can of Mushrooms (or fresh)
-Sour Cream to taste for garnishing

I make mine in the Slow Cooker! Makes it super easy!

-Cut up sausage, I cut off slices and then cut those in half, and put in slow cooker
-Dump sauerkraut, mushrooms and a bit of pepper in slow cooker, stir really well
-Put slow cooker on low for 3 hours
-20 minutes before done, boil pasta until al dente, then mix into slow cooker and mix all ingredients well.
-Taste and add more pepper if you wish
-Serve in bowls with a bit of sour cream as garnish/to taste!

It's really easy and quick and tastes great!!


Unknown said...

I love easy and slow cooker recipes! I am going to make this recipe this week. Thank you!