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Wednesday, September 16, 2015

Doctor on Demand Heads Back to School: FREE CODE

I was compensated to write this post. All opinions are 100% my own.

Doctor On Demand is a very cool app that allows you to speak with US licensed and board certified doctors via your smartphone. No need to make an appointment, no need to drive anywhere. Just pick up your phone, speak to a doctor and get your medical need/s taken care of. They can even write prescriptions for the issue you're having. It's a real ideal app to have and is so nice and convenient. 

We've actually used Doctor on Demand in the past for a rash my son had. They diagnosed him, sent a prescription in and I picked it up later that day. This is real ideal when you're sick. 

With school now back in session, this is again, perfect. No need to take your sick child anywhere. If you have other children, no need to expose them to other sickies at the doctor's office. Just do it from the comfort of your own home.

First you download your app

Then you tell them some of the issues you're having currently

 and then you have 15 minutes to speak with a doctor.
They can then  send prescriptions right to your pharmacy!

The app is $40 per video visit. This is about the same price as most co-pays. I'm fortunate in that my co-pays are $20 at the doctor or $25 at Urgent Care, but to be in your own home and not have to go anywhere, makes it worth that bit of extra.
BUT Right now you can get a FREE VIDEO VISIT using code BTSFavorite

You can use Doctor On Demand for the following conditions

  • cold, cough, flu, allergies 
  • Rash, Pink eye, hayfever 
  • Asthma, bladder infections
  • pediatric questions 
  • most cases that are not life threatening 
  • prescriptions refills
  • referral to a specialist

Do not use it for any condition that is life threatening!

All doctors are background checked before joining Doctor On Demand. So know that you are in good hands!

Doctor Phil McGraw is an adviser of the app and his son Jay is a co-founder. Jay McGraw is Emmy award-winning creator and executive producer of the t.v. show The Doctors. 

Here's an overview on how to use the app
Download Doctor On Demand on iTunes: here
Download Doctor On Demand in Google Play: here


Janet W. said...

This might come in handy for my grandsons. They always get sick when they go back to school!

Unknown said...

This is absolutely great for those non emergency, emergencies that make you go hmmmm! Love this!

Valerie said...

How convenient especially for the working mom! Thanks for the info :)

Unknown said...

What a great app! I could really use this. I remember seeing it mentioned on Dr Phil, but they didn't really go into the details.

Unknown said...

That's pretty cool! Toting my one year old to the doctor is rough - especially when they already feel bad - this is a great way to keep them safe and warm at home and still get the care they need! Definitely worth checking out.

jennifer dunkelmann hon said...

this is really cool app and I may have to try it. thanks for the post