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Sunday, August 2, 2015

Wet Shave Club Review

I received a sample from Wet Shave for the sole purpose of this review

My husband switched to wet shaving back in April and swears he'll never go back to traditional shaving again. What exactly is wet shaving? It's using a safety razor with soap that lathers up and a nice brush. Like the old times. Like our grandfathers did. 

So I wanted to get him a good kit to use since he bought individual pieces on Amazon when he started out and I stumbled upon Wet Shave Club. Little did I know, they also had a WOMEN'S kit! I had no idea women shaved this way as well!!

So they went ahead and sent me a men's and women's kit to try out!
Men's kit came with 2 soap pucks, aftershave, razor, blades and a brush.
 Women's kit came with 2 soap pucks, brush, razor, blades and a cream

My husband started using his kit right away. He said this was the heaviest razor he's ever felt and it is very durable and long lasting. He also really likes the soap. What he was using was like a cream that he would grab a dollop of and lather that up, but this whole puck stays in the bottom of a mug for use over and over again, it takes out an extra step of getting soap to lather up. And this brush is his favorite as well. He's now tried 3 razors and 3 brushes and these are the ones he uses the most. 

But I have to admit I was reluctant to try this system on my legs. First of all it takes my husband about 20 minutes to shave, and surely my legs are AT LEAST 4 times the size of his face (and probably much more, I'm being modest!) so Was I willing to spend 1.5 hours shaving my legs? No. So I waited a couple weeks because I was leery, but figured to give this a FULL review I needed to suck it up and do it. 

AND I'm hooked as well!!!
Here's my process. 

I use my garden tub since it's bigger and I need to prep my legs with this way of shaving that I can't do in a shower with running water. So I take a shower first and get my pores good and opened up. While I shower I soak my brush in hot water in my sink.

When I sit on the edge of my tub, I let the tub fill with a few inches of water and I put noxema on my legs (it's a good pre shave), let it sit for a couple minutes and then rinse off. Now comes the fun part! 

First I put the soap in the bottom of my mug, then I take a bit of water on my brush and swirl it in my mug against the soap for a few minutes, get a good lather. Grab more water if you want to get even MORE lather!

and then I lather it all over my leg. I do my legs in 4 areas. Calf, thigh, calf thigh. It works the best for me.

Now comes the shaving. Learning to use a safety razor takes some time. You need patience (or you'll cut yourself!!) and you need to learn the correct angle. But once you get it, you're golden!
So you put the razor head flat (perpendicular to your leg) and then angle it so the blade rests on your skin. NOW without applying ANY pressure slowly drag the razor. I go up the leg, some women go down. Whichever works for you, just get that angle right

and this was my before (left leg) and after (right leg). 

Some spots may need to go over a second time. While I rinse my leg I feel for more hair, if there is any, I lather again and shave over that area. But for most of my leg, 1 pass is enough. I go in short strokes and rinse the blade often. 

I do not shave this way every time, but I try and do it once a week for a good close shave. I agree with my husband, this IS the best way to shave, but it takes me about 30 minutes and I don't have time for that every 3-4 days. 

Also I still use a regular razor around my ankle and my knee, I haven't learned how to stretch that skin yet and I've cut myself a couple times. But besides those places I've only cut myself once on my shin!

Wet Shave Club is a club, so you sign up to receive goods monthly. Your first month comes like the above after that you just get the accessories (blades, soaps, etc). 

Price: All for just $29 a month with FREE Shipping. If you buy a year it's just $22 a month!

Overall: ***** My husband and I both love this 'system'. 

*Disclaimer* I received an item directly from Wet Shave Club in exchange for a review. I was not paid to try out these products*
A big thank you goes out to Wet Shave Club for allowing me to review this product


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